Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trying to Win a Contest

I entered a contest to imagine what Richard Simmons should wear for Halloween.

My entry can be found at: and my entry is Number 52.

It is titled "Richard?Elizabeth I" and I would certainly appreciate everyone goint to the site and marking my entry as excellant, with a "5" rating.

I know it is just something to do while I am still stuck at home, but what the heck. It is another way to keep from even thinking about Ponte Vista and "The Monster" next door to it.

If you drive down 7Th Street in San Pedro, right around Mesa Street, you will see a building still under construction that seems to have used the same exterior paints as "The Monster. I wonder if all the condo/apartment projects going up all over town use the same paint to get a discount.

On the Richard Simmons site, there is now an illustration of Richard looking like Mona Lisa. I feel very strongly that the contributor of that entry stole my idea and is trying to win the contest.

I have no real idea what any prize might be if I actually won the contest, but if I did win, I would donate it to charity.

I know I am still quite fat, but the idea of losing weight to anything Richard deals with, gives me the chills.

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