Sunday, October 28, 2007

Maxine and Fred and Their Quest for a New Home

This is Maxine and Fred. In real life they are co-winners of the Golden State Pops Orchestra's Halloween costume contest. They shared the honor with a young fellow who dressed as a large banana.

Maxine and Fred are going to be my new friends who are going to try and figure out how they can buy a Senior Housing condominium at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

Since Maxine and Fred are ficticious, I only hope their quest and the issues they look at are as real as they can be.

In upcoming posts, we will see what hoops Maxine and Fred are willing to go through in order to live out their remaining years in comfort and without having to deal with skateborders, other than themselves, near their home.

Maxine and Fred are good San Pedrans. They are a happy couple who are just looking to get into a place they can afford and still keep their friends they have had for so many years.

The first thing Fred wants you to know is that they are looking at the senior condominium units on the corner of Arlington and Sepulveda. Those units, the smallest being a one-bedroom place, which is larger than the smallest unit envisioned at Ponte Vista, is now selling for under $300,000.00. It may be tough for Fred to pass this deal up, so close to San Pedro, so let's see in the future what he decides and why he considers Ponte Vista, at all.

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