Thursday, December 27, 2007

For Our Consideration

A wonderful and thoughtful individual sent me this "report card" from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) You know SCAG, it the group that Bob has used in advertisements and other ways to suggest they support whatever he wants to build.

Any of you can find this "report card" by visiting:

I am sorry it is a bit tough to read, but I think you can get the idea the "report card" is stating.

By looking at the "report card" there should be no wonder why so many folks are questioning allowing Bob Bisno to build 1,950 condominiums in northwest San Pedro.

Mobility gets a "D-" for the area. Bob wants 1,950-units with tough access to the freeway, only one arterial for the entire project, no mass transit light rail lines nearby, and in an area that is thought to be a target for terrorists.

Housing gets a "D". Bob wants to build market-rate condominiums and 100 town houses, each costing more than One Million Dollars.

If Bob built the 724 single-family houses he states he would build (see flyer information) some of those houses would be mandated for low-income families and below market-rate pricing. Of course in Bob's flyer, he fails to mention that a percentage of the 724 single-family houses would be for low-income buyers and could be truly "affordable" to first time home buyers.

Education gets a "D-". I think we would agree that anything built at Ponte Vista would NOT be close to a "D-" as far as education goes. Taper Avenue School, with its regular and magnet programs is far superior to most of the elementary schools in L.A.U.S.D. Dodson Middle School also has a magnet program where students actually learn and achieve.

That leaves us with Narbonne. Unfortunately, I could imagine parents of high school age students living at Ponte Vista would opt for Mary Star's new campus, Rolling Hills Prep, or even trying to get into P.V.P.U.S.D.

If Ponte Vista were built out with 1,950-condos, Narbonne would either have to go year round or a new campus would finally be needed.

Air Quality also received a "D" grade. I think now that TraPac is moving forward and Conoco-Philips' refinery is so close to the Ponte Vista site, a grade for that particular area might really be an "F".

Ponte Vista sits in an area that doesn't get the breezes that Lomita gets and it is not south of 9th. Street, in San Pedro. Some of Ponte Vista is on a hill and some of the site in on flat ground, lower than just about anything else around it.

No matter what anyone studies and asserts in any EIR about air quality, they have to have lived in this area for some time to really know the weather and air pollution that comes with being on the east side of The Hill, and near the lowest parts of San Pedro.

Safety got a "B" grade for the region. Will residents feel safe when the "Cat Cracker" blows up again? Will Bob and/or the HOA for Ponte Vista shell out funds for more security at the largest single project in San Pedro? I hope so.

Employment also got a "B" grade. Let's hope there are nearby jobs for folks living at Ponte Vista and not living at Ponte Vista. As it is, there are fewer jobs available in the area, as there are folks living in the area. Perhaps if we can have a revitalization of downtown San Pedro and more jobs in the port, we all can work closer to where we live.

Income received a "C" grade. With market-rate pricing and even with some discounts of prices of units, it is going to take some real income to be able to buy anything at Ponte Vista.

I think I have read where folks would need an income greater than the $55,678 median household income listed in the "report card" to be able to buy most of the units at Ponte Vista.

Folks should have their own opinions when reading the "report card" What I and others find one way can be read much differently by Bob's supporters and I understand that.

I feel that building 1,950 market rate pricing condominiums at this time, in that area, is just too many units for an area that can't handle that many units and that many residents. But that is just my opinion. You are all welcome to your own opinions.

Happy New Year!

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