Friday, December 14, 2007

Odds and Ends 43

Nothing to report on Ponte Vista.

The SRHS 15 update meeting was attended by "30-40 people" or "probably about 20 people" depending on who I heard from.

The main issue concerning some of the folks, according to what I heard, was that there should be no student parking in the surrounding neighborhood, if and when the school is built.


Anonymous said...

Interesting info I heard about regarding the first day of school at Mary Star High. Bisno was allowing people to pass through the entrance of Ponte Vista, and was handing out free muffins to the parents. That guy just will not quit with the bribes for community support. I hope those folks realize that Bisno just sees it as an opportunity to try to gain support. Most of those poor folks who passed though probably don't even realize that Bisno was using the road to MSHS as randsom to get his plan approved. Same as the baseball fields. The guy is a snake.

Anonymous said...

nothing to report on ponte vista? with all due respect, i beg to differ. bisno has now put up three welcoming banners and two billboards at the entrance to his blighted property. the road that was not going to be possible unless he got his 2300 units(of which the number of bedrooms is still a mystery to this day)has now become avaliable. why? because he is going to use the people who access the road to rally for his cause and also the people who live in the neighborhood near the school so they don't have to put up with the traffic. will he always let them drive through, or threaten to take it away if he does not get his way. funny, how he has money for new banners but still has no privacy fencing up and the property has broken windows facing western. "go stars go" where was this attitude before?
he wants them to drive through his blighted property to get them on his side. he will stoop to any level to destroy this area to fatten his wallet.playa vista just faced a setback on phase three in appeals court, who would not take a look at their case. but the eir was considered flawed. while all appears to be fallow, rest assured he is lobbying at full strength for a project which nobody but him wants.

Anonymous said...

no word on his survey? must have not gone too good or it would be in the local ad papers.

M Richards said...

Thanks to all three anonymous contributors.

I have written about the "public" road on this blog before.

Right now it doesn't appear to be public because there is still a guard shack in the center of the road and its gates are locked in the evening.

You are quite correct in thinking that Bob will use this "community benefit" to further his goals for more units being built at Ponte Vista than many of us think it is reasonable, respectful, realistic, and responsible.

I also want to touch on "Bisno's blight" for a bit.

There are still dwellings that ARE NOT used in law enforcement training that have access open via broken windows and open doors. These units back up along Western Avenue and are easily visible.

Bob may have fenced off the area where law enforcement folks do their training, and we should all compliment Bob for allowing that to continue, but I still have some problem with buildings that are not used for training that still can provide access for folks who shouldn't be inside them.

Bob must use whatever P.R. he can in his attempts to have a development that is too large even for many of his own supporters, be approved of. Bob needs to try and let folks know that if he doesn't get what he wants, the "community benefit" which is the "public" road is not legally required to be built, at this time.

I am still having trouble thinking that it is a "community benefit" to have students and parents only using part of Western Avenue to access Mary Star. What about the rest of the community? Don't enought folks care about the increased traffic on Western that is actually needless, if the Taper Avenue access was available. With Taper open to all students and parents of the new campus, folks could use Gaffey Street or Western Avenue to access the school.

Bob's "community" that he is trying to benefit exists of the houses in the Westmont neighborhood. We shouldn't count the Mary Star students and parents because many of them would probably prefer not having to traver on any piece of Western if they could avoid that avenue.

I should have typed; Nothing new to report this week concerning Ponte Vista.

The official statement from the Los Angeles Department of Planning is that the applicant has submitted an application to build 1,950 condominium units at Ponte Vista at San Pedro. The Planning Department is currently reviewing the application and the environmental impact report.

I haven't heard from anyone who lives withing the limits of the City of Los Angeles, to see if anyone or any group has done anything about the tarps for the fencing surrounding Ponte Vista.

fed up said...

some issues of note: 12-13-07 la times councilman richard allroon demanded an investigation into his claim that a confidential memo by city atty. rocky delgado regarding a 5800 unit housing project north of sylmar. the memo advised the city to process the land-use application for las lomas.12-13-07 la times : playa vista ruling won't be reviewed. tha ca. supreme court denied a request by playa vista on the appellate court ruling that halted work on the developments final phase. the court found the projects EIR flawed. the city's approval of phase 2 was based on an eir that was "deficient in its analysis of land-use impacts, mitigation of historical archelogical resources and waste water impacts. the projects final phase consists of a 1.1 BILLION dollar second phase of 2600 housing units and 250,000 sq. feet of office and retail space on 111 acres. this would be in addition to phase 1 which consists of 3246 units and 3.2 MILLION sq feet of office and retail space.12-11-07 la times business section:60 MILLION dollar apartment-commercial complex going up at the corner of federal ave and santa monica blvd. ever try to get through that intersection ? yet the planning commission approved it. 11-10-07 la times: home depot sues la over store in sunland-tujunga the reason? councilwoman allegedly improperly work with her constituitents to block the chain from opening the store. city aty. rocky delgado had no comment. figures. it wants to build their store without an eir because they are going to use a existing building. forget the impact on the local area, it will stay the same.this building falls within the specific plan, for which it is not allowed. 11-9-07 la times: artists sharply divided over project near la river. it would be three blocks long and 70 feet high. it has been described as aircraft-carrier sized, looking nothing shgort of a long wall.the planning commission has approved this project.what a shock. does anybody know of a project they have denied? 12-8-07 la times: anaheim housing project isn't dead yet suncal has asked for a rehearing ."it looks to me that the developer is trying to manipulate the process," said annette McCluskey ,a spokeswoman for save our anaheim. 9-28-07 la times : large complex in noho gets ok this is a 1.3 BILLION dollar project, an apartment, retail and high rise office tower complex 1.5 MILLION sq. feet of development on 15.6 acres. this will be the largest transit oriented development in county history.neighbors to the project are concerned such an influx of people and high rises will affe3ct the community. 12-8-07 la times :plan fails to curb growth in valley a new city report found that developers could add 3 million sq. feet of commercial space to the ventura blvd. corridor under current zoning rules, despite concers by residents that the area is overdeveloped. the study did not count residential growth including large mixed-use developments because the rules only limit commercial growth. thousands of units have been added or approved for construction in the last few years, and some community activists say the city should count condos and apartments in assessing whether the area is overbuilt. a recent times search of city traffic records showed that while residential development on and near ventura blvd. was being planned and built, traffic worsened significantly at 10 major intersections. robert duenas, senior city planner, said the plan as it's written now could easily allow more congestion and overbuilding than was intended. shocker. does anybody else see a pattern here? EVERYBODY is getting screwed by the planning commision and developers. ANYBODY who is really concerned about what is happening around here needs to start weighing in again. bob is not resting and neither should we. are there any other commenters out there anymore? seriously, if he gets his way i see no reason why i should not be able to develop my lot on trudie as a high-rise development. it already feels like PCH and my own eir says nobody has anything to worry about. as a "community benefit" everyone can come play on my lawn.

mellonhead said...

I am still out here--waiting for someone to drop a shoe.

M Richards said...

Thanks mellonhead, for still being out there.

I know there is a very small number of folks who regularly visit this blog, even when there is not much news, seemingly, going on with Ponte Vista.

But every day that goes by makes it one day closer to the day when either the shoe drops, or the other shoe drops.