Friday, December 21, 2007

Odds and Ends 44

Well, if you wish to read the comment from "fed up" on the other post, please do.

I am going to elevate that very long comment to a post of its own and try and edit if for easier reading.

"Fed up" has some views and has watched, looked, and listened.

As for Ponte Vista's site, you probably have noticed the billboards along S. John Montgomery Drive. These are illustrations of what Ponte Vista WILL look like, at least according to Bob and his bunch. In fact and in truth, there is still not a living person on this earth or orbiting Earth in a space station that can tell anyone what will be included at Ponte Vista. There has been absolutely nothing approved of, as far as zoning changes, types of residential units, or commercial spaces, at this point, except for what is in the imagination of the folks supporting Ponte Vista.

These billboards are also used to allow folks going to the new Mary Star High School campus, to see what MIGHT be built on the site. The billboards also serve as both advertising and propaganda for Bob. Bob clearly has the right to put these billboards on his property and use them to try and sway as many people as he can, so he can build what he wants. We don't need to be mad at Bob for his billboards. We know they are just illustrations of what may be at Ponte Vista, but I wouldn't put down any bets on whether anything at Ponte Vista will eventually look like any of the illustrations.

It is true, and folks viewing the billboards should know that Bob, myself, and others strongly believe that if the site remains with its current zoning, Bob is under no obligation to continue providing any access through his property to the new high school campus. This is a fact of life that allows Bob to strongly suggest that he be allowed to create what he wants to create. It is like he is holding the public access through Ponte Vista over the heads of the students and parents going between Western Avenue and the new campus. Again, he has the right to do this and I am not troubled in the slightest by his propaganda.

If folks truly want R1 to remain at Ponte Vista, they need to understand that public access to Mary Star might very well be removed at any time.

I am still seeing abandoned residential structures left open for entry. The units I am referring to are along Western Avenue and are not used by law enforcement in their training practices. These units should be closed up, per L.A. City Code.

Has anyone living within the limits of the City of Los Angeles complained that there should be green or blue tarps placed along the border fencing of Ponte Vista?

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