Thursday, February 21, 2008

From This Unionized Worker to Other Unionized Workers

Ironworkers' Union Local 443 is asking their members to attend the upcoming meeting of the Wilmington Neighborhood Council.

Since Bob has pledged to use unionized workers to build whatever is built at Ponte Vista, I feel as a union member myself, that announcing the meeting is in the best interest of unionized workers.

Being a proud member of CWA, I am posting the Ironworkers Union Agent's letter for all to read.

I wonder however, if Bob will still use unionized workers at Ponte Vista if he isn't allowed to build the number of units he currently wants to build.

What I do know though, is whatever is built at Ponte Vista will probably have communications cables going back to the San Pedro Central Office, and those workers are unionized, just like me.

February 15,2008

Dear Brother and Sisters,

There is an upcoming meeting for a project is the San Pedro area. The project is off Western and is called the Pointe Vista Project. Bisno Development Co. is planning a 1,950 residential units consisting of townhouses and condominium units. Bisno has agreed to build this project under a Project Labor Agreement with the Los Angeles and Orange Counties Building Trades Council. I have met with Bob Bisno the CEO and this project will be built with Union Ironworkers. I will speak at the meeting for the Ironworkers. Your union and I need everyone who lives in the area to be at this meeting. Plan now to be at this meeting/The information is listed below; please join me to help this project move forward.

Wilmington Neighborhood Council Meeting
February 27,2008 @ 6 PM
Wilmington Senior Center
1371 Eubank Street Wilmington, CA

This letter was from Mr. Moxley, and Agent for the Union Local 433.

I will certainly support having unionized workers building single-family, detached dwellings at Ponte Vista, just like I'll support their fine work if my "dream" number of units are built.

"Look for the union label,
When you are buying a coat, dress, or blouse.
You know that somewhere
There's someone sewing,
And wages going,
To feed the kids and run the house............."
(From the ILGWU song)

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Jim said...

I don't believe for a minute that Bob will use Union Workers for anything he builds. He can say he will, but there are so many ways around it.

Bob is a developer, not a building contractor. He probably has very few employees. He contracts everything out. So, while he says that HE will use union labor, what about his contractors and their sub-contractors. Bob has not only less than truthful, he is an out and out liar. Why should this case be any different.

Bob has proven time and time again that he will do or say most anything to get what he wants. Saying he will use union workers in a town that has many, many union workers is just another sales pitch to add to his long list of bs tactics. Providing a road to Mary Star IF he gets his way, and building Little League Fields IF the league surported 2300 condos are just two examples.

We all know how Bob operates. I hope the union members use caution when dealing with Bob