Friday, February 08, 2008

Odds and Ends 51

Construction on the new Marshall's Store on Western Avenue, on the top level of The Terraces Ends a few days before its Grand Opening on March 6, 2008.

All week long a hiring fair has been held at the Torrance EED office. The fair will end at 5:00 PM, today, Friday.

O.K., here is the beg........If you are trying to get to the new store by heading north on Western Avenue, please, please, please consider turning left at the Caddington signal. The left turn pocket on the south side of The Terraces is already way to short to handle traffic trying to turn left during PM drive time when lots of folks are heading to Bally's, restaurants, and other businesses.

At Caddington, you don't get that much more left turn pocket, but you do get a left-turn arrow to proceed up Caddington and closer to the new store.

The Odds are we are all going to have to live with the new traffic patterns following the opening of both Mary Star High School and Marshall's.

Bob Bisno is scheduled to give one of his talks during the February 27 Board meeting of the Wilmington Neighborhood Council.

The good folks in Wilmington will hear what WILL be at Ponte Vista, and how it IS going to provide for just about every income lever. There will be folks at the meeting to remind listeners that there still is no living human being on this planet or orbiting it in space that knows what will be built at Ponte Vista, at this time.

By now, Ms Hahn has probably had her meeting with Ms. Goldberg. Hopefully we will know soon what comes from that discussion.

A developer is willing to talk to neighbors about a compromise! That's correct folks. Mr. Mike Rosenthal has contacted leadership for the Vista del Oro Neighbors Against Condos group to offer to pair down the development he initially envisioned, to be more compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.

Originally Mr. Rosenthal had stated that he or his partners, would built up to 18 condominium units on the site of the former McCowan's Market, and build three single-family houses on the lots currently zoned for just that type of residence.

Then, Mike changed his mind and stated he wanted to build duplexes on all six lots that made up the store's building and parking lots.

Now Mr. Rosenthal is willing to meet with the neighbors (something that up until now he has refused to do) and suggest two single-family houses on the south-east corner of 20Th Street and Walker Avenue, and eight duplexes on four lots on the north-east side of Walker Avenue and 20Th Street.

The neighbors have been contacted and will meet to consider this latest proposal. It should be up to the neighbors in that neighborhood to decide whether they will take this latest proposal and accept it, take time to study it more, or reject it and offer their own compromise.

What is refreshing though, is that a developer is finally willing to enact a compromise proposal so he and his partners can get to work building whatever is going to be built. And that the "whatever" is agreeable with the local neighbors that will be affected.

Hey Bob, can you take a hint?

So far, I have found only a few people who are opposed to all development of residences at Ponte Vista. I am not against a development of some type on the 61.53 acres and neither are the majority of Rudderless Steering Committee members. Everybody in their correct mind knows that something is going to be built at Ponte Vista.

Mr. Rosenthal is going to build something on the corners of 20Th Street and Walker Avenue. It appears that what he builds will be comfortably compatible with the local neighbors, if all parties can come to a compromise proposal.

Why is what Mike Rosenthal seeing fit to attempt, not compatible with Bob in asking the neighbors what they would be comfortable with at Ponte Vista and then working for a compromise?

If Rosenthal will compromise, don't you think Bob could too?

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