Thursday, February 21, 2008

Odds and Ends 53

Bob Bisno revealed his "new" plan for Ponte Vista at San Pedro on June 18, 2007.

Bob Bisno and/or his associates filed the application for the "new" plan on November 13, 2007. He missed delaying his application by five months, by a mere five days.

These are things that make one go, DUH.

Apparently a developer hired a lobbyist to assist them in a development project. The lobbyist decided that with the added income from the developer, he would move his family to a new house.

The lobbyist found a house extremely close to a tennis club which had outdoor aerobic activities, pool activities, and other activities that included amplified music and lighted tennis courts.

The lobbyist knew full well, before they bought the new house that there would be noise coming from the athletic club as well a bright lights shining on tennis courts at night.

So what did the lobbyist do? The lobbyist bought the house, moved the family in and than began complaining about all the noise and lights.

Now I am not claiming to state the names of the developer or the lobbyist, but for my money, if I were the developer, I would get another lobbyist.

Don't it make you want to say, DUH?

A fellow has several bouts of pneumonia. To get cured of the illness, he is prescribed steroids. He takes the steroids a prescribed, not know all the complications, but knowing full well the major complications that taking steroids normally cause.

Come to find out, this fellow had small blood vessels in his hip die and cause his hip bones, the round part that fits into the socket, to die also.

Who should have thought that by getting cured of a lung illness, one hips would be destroyed.

Now that really made me go, DUH!

A traffic count was ordered for an environmental impact study on a four-lane state highway, near a development.

When the traffic count was conducted, the four-lane state highway had been reduced to a two-lane state highway, with many normal travelers taking alternate routes because the state highway had lanes closed due to storm drain failures.

So the traffic counts the developer used in the impact report showed fewer cars using the state highway than when it is normally in use as a four-lane highway.

OK everybody, let's say it together......DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!

A developer who owned property in another city wanted to tear down the dwellings that were rent controlled, to build condominiums.

One thing the developer did was tear out all the foliage to make the area around some of the buildings look so bad that the city's government would side with the developer.

The neighbors living in the apartments found the dirt where the plant had been torn out.

So what did they do? The planted vegetables!

Now, everybody in Santa Monica shout, DUH.

A reliable source has told us that Bob Bisno's organization has finally responded to the written comments to the DEIR which were sent in by January, 2007.

The number of pages answering the comments sent in by people, organizations, and other government entities, was in excess of 1,000 pages.

"Lucy, you got a lot of explaining to do."

There is still no word yet from the Planning Department concerning when they will reveal what they feel Bob should be allowed to build at Ponte Vista.

But at least they are 1,000+ pages a bit closer, perhaps.

It is with sadness that I report here, the passing of Mr. Mark Majestic.

Mr. Majestic attended almost every single CAC meeting and he kept notes no matter where he could be found.

Mark and I talked about the work he did, the fact that both of us had to use crutches and canes at times, and some issues not relating to Ponte Vista at all.

He was a supporter of a larger development than I would like to see at Ponte Vista, but we both agreed to disagree on that issue and we both shared opinions openly.

I learned about a side of banking and property facilitation that I was not familiar with, so he taught me things that I never knew before.

R.I.P. Mark Majestic


Anonymous said...

Yesterday's Times reported "Los Angeles/ Incentives OKd for developers." The council approved a package of incentives that roll back zoning rules governing density and other things...if the developer adds 6% affordable housing units within a project.

Such agreements to include affordable housing units is nothing new at all. So, what is driving this change in zoning rules at this time? Does the councilwoman Hahn know?

km said...

I, too, will miss Mark's big grin, sharp retorts and seemingly limitless enthusiasm. I am still stunned by his sudden death. True, we didn't agree about everything, but we both wanted a better San Pedro. The room will be different without him.