Wednesday, February 13, 2008

R.I.P. SRHS 14, Welcome SRHS 15

As all the regular readers know by now, South Region High School #14, the High School origanally planned for inside the Ponte Vista at San Pedro site is now long dead and quite buried.

What isn't buried, but in fact sprouting to life is South Region High School #15.

That proposed High School is planned for a "preferred site" at the upper reservation area of the former Fort MacArthur/Angels Gate area of south San Pedro.

Since the newly planned school is so far from the Ponte Vista site, I will write about it on my R Neighborhoods Are 1 blog at:

The only information that may be of interest to folks considering the Ponte Vista issue is that I brought up the question whether J.F. Cooper Continuation High School, located at Taper Avenue and Barrywood was being fully utilized. According to Rod Hamilton of LAUSD facilities department, it is his opinion that Cooper is being fully utilized and he expects no changes in the near future for that facility.

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