Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Odds and Ends 54

If you are reading this post early Friday morning and you don't have much to do in the morning and early afternoon, you may want to attend a particular foreclosure sale scheduled for 11:30 AM today February 29, 2008 at 350 West Mission Blvd, Pomona, California.

If the sale is actually held at that scheduled time, you might be able to witness and even place a bid on a house currently owned by Robert H. Bisno.

The taxable value of the house on the L.A. County rolls is $7,028,101 for the house with a living area of 11,894 square feet. I feel I should let you know that the almost 12,000 square foot house has just four bedrooms listed and I don't know if one of those bedrooms is for a housekeeper's quarters.

Getting back to the foreclosure sale, the judgement value is: $5,382,794, and the Default Amount is: $4,622,128, which happened on 04-20-2007.

****All the facts, figures, and amounts are publicly available on the Internet, if you know where to look!

The house has a square foot value of about $590.oo per square feet, which is less than the median price per square feet of condos in Bob's currently proposed, Ponte Vista site.

It appears that the "San Pedro First" program from the Outreach Team at Ponte Vista, where San Pedrans got the first crack at purchasing units, at a slightly reduced price, at Ponte Vista has been replaced by the "Harbor First" program, where residents of Harbor City and Wilmington are also added to the list of potential buyers who would get first crack and some slight discount on the price of particular units at Ponte Vista IF Bob gets to build according to his current proposal.

I first heard about this at the Wilmington Neighborhood Council meeting. It seems the Outreach Team has to reach out farther and farther to attempt to attract interested folks.

I'm waiting until they offer the first two years of ownership without HOA dues or other fees.

I'm also waiting for when they change their tactic even more and offer the first two or three months free RENT, IF the project ultimately a giant apartment complex, just like Newport Bluffs, the apartment complex Ponte Vista has their buildings modeled after.

Have I warned you enough about the Marshall's Grand Opening on March 6, 2008?

It will be a great addition to the sales tax revenue base Rancho Palos Verdes needs. So please take the bus or park a distance from The Terraces and walk to the new store, because I don't wish any frustration and possible collisions because traffic will probably be at least as bad as when the storm drains were being repaired.

We're still waiting for the Planning Depart to finish reading the 1,000+ pages of responses to the public comments in the Draft Environmental Impact Report, and let all of us know what their Specific Plan for Ponte Vista at San Pedro will be.

The loss of More San Pedro, an insert to the Saturday edition of The Daily Breeze has been confirmed.

With the loss, the newspaper has laid off Ms. Justina Ly and Ms. Rachel Jones.

More San Pedro served me quite well and I think many others in OUR community will be a bit angry when we look for it in The Daily Breeze, but it won't be there.

I wonder if the cannibals at the company that owns so many newspapers will also can San Pedro Magazine, the monthly free publication from the folks that publish the Independent-Press Telegram.

Perhaps the profit margin has shrunk so low that newspapers all have to become cookie-cutters of simply one type and L.A. is heading towards having only one newspaper similar in the lack of community coverage that U.S.A. Today is.

No wonder so many folks actually believed that the military shot down the doomed satellite because of the fuel on board.

Saturday mornings used to all start with looking through More San Pedro before I went on to read the rest of the paper.

I am also sorry that another two journalists are losing their jobs. It is even worse when I feel the two of them did a great job for OUR community.

It looks like we are going to have to deal with Less San Pedro, and live with options that can be cut and pasted to just about any other newspaper in the L.A. area.

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