Friday, March 14, 2008

City of Baldwin Park residents and business owners are fighting back

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It is wonderful to hear there is a growing number of groups and individuals who are throwing up their hands to illustrate that it is time to organize and slow down and even stop over development in the greater L.A. area.

Take a look at Google Earth and the closer you zoom towards the Los Angeles Basin, which is part of the Great Basin of the Mojave Desert, it becomes fairly plain to see that we all live in an area almost completely surrounded by mountain ranges.

We actually compare more like Mexico City in that it too, is surrounded by mountains and sits in a basin or bowl like setting, like we do.

Just how much can a basin or bowl be filled before it runs over and loses its ability to hold things?

That is what is becoming more apparent around our area, it looks like.

At some point, and that point may already have been made, we must stop and state, for better or worse, that enough is now too much.

I am sorry that there my be no more room for folks who want to move into the area. But we have to realize that many jobs that individuals are seeking just aren't here anymore.

It is probably beyond the time we should have put slowing breaks on, to the mass over developement that seems to be going on all around us.

We no longer have room to build schools to teach our kids. Our transportation infrastructure is failing to keep up with the continually growing demand.

We don't have the financial resources to build for more people to come to the area, it certainly appears.

One might even imagine that greedy developers have seen the writing on the wall and are trying their best to squeeze the last drops of outrageous profit out of the area, before they move on.

And it is all at the expense of the wonderful people who already live here.

Blog sites and Web sites continue to grow in numbers and views, decrying the over development and weapons of mass development that are attempted to be forced on the current population in areas already quite full of people, traffic, and infrastructure issues.

Let's think about slowing down, for real this time, attempts to overdevelop OUR area at OUR expense. Shouldn't we have a say in how much we are willing to give up?

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