Friday, March 14, 2008

Odds and Ends 56

It seems the name, "Bisno" can't stay out of blogs in areas where he is determined to provide weapons of mass development, whether the current residents want it or not.

In association with the post from the OC Weekly comes a post on Orange Juice! blog.

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And now, to continue the saga of Bob, his personal house, and his defaulting on a loan, is a post piece, directly downloaded form the great, "Your Mama" and the equally great, The Real Estalker Blog, which can be found at:

In the particular post: End of Week Mish Mash, is the following excerpt;

3. The Bisno Bizness

About a month ago, Your Mama discussed the uglee foreclosure mess that has surrounded the Beverly Park mansion of the controversial Los Angeles based real estate developer Robert Bisno. According to records on file with the Beverly Hills assessor, Mister and Missus Bisno defaulted on a $4,000,000 mortgage that was secured against the value of their 11,984 square foot house that happens to sit next door to the mansion Hollywood honcho Mike Medavoy has on the market for $23,500,000.

It is puzzling and perplexing to Your Mama that a rich man known to purchase high priced art to display his motor court would find himself facing foreclosure proceedings on his private home. But alas, notices were indeed printed in the Beverly Hills Courier, and the house was scheduled to be auctioned off on the steps of the Beverly Hills court house on the 29th day of February, 2008.

It seems, however, that the auction for that particular and palatial property never happened. Your Mama, being the nosy bee-hawtcha we are, set our research dee-va B.S. Beaverman on the case to sort out what exactly happened...or didn't happen. After much struggle, several dead ends, a phone call to the Bisno residence directly, and many calls to many Bev Hills bureaucrats, the impressively tenacious Miz Beaverman finally figured out that Mister Bisno and his team of people managed to stave off the auction by filing something called a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order).

Unfortunately for the children, Your Mama just isn't smart enough to understand or succinctly explain what a TRO is, how they work, or why Mister Bisno got one. Suffice to say that whatever it is and however it was gotten, Miser Bisno now has until April 29 to make good on the loan and save his house. Theoretically that should provide plenty of time for a clever bizness man like Mister Bisno to beg, borrow or refinance what he needs to save his Bev Park behemoth.

My thank to "Your Mama" for this wonderful piece of information.

As for what is happening right now, concerning the 61.53 acre Ponte Vista at San Pedro site,

We sit.
We wait.
We Contemplate.

On other over-development news, Vista del Oro Neighbors Against Condos (VDSONAC) is taking their case to the Planning Commission on March 18, with support from Councilwoman Janice Hahn, to see that only single-family, detached houses are built on the three lots, currently zoned C1-1Xl, at the corner of 20Th Street and Walker Avenue.

Many residents of the area are seeking to have the zoning on the three lots rezoned as QC1-1XL, which places a restriction on the lots to having only residential dwelling built that conform to the majority of houses and homes in the area.

The majority of homes in the area are single-family, detached dwellings on lots not less than 5,000 square feet in size.

The idea of having condominium units or apartment units built on the three lots purchased last year by Mr. Mike Rosenthal, would not be conducive to the surrounding neighborhood, and may cause many new issues to concern the neighbors and the neighborhood.

I have posts on this particular issue at:

It may be time for us to snoop around a bit deeper and see what may be coming out of the Planning Department as far a what they believe Bob could be allowed to build at Ponte Vista.

Some folks, including me, thought that some information would be coming out in mid-February. It is now mid-March, and the only thing we can enjoy is the fact that as the months go by, any approvals for any construction at Ponte Vista get delayed.

If may help Bob in delaying the project until residential prices begin to rise again, but that also gives folks looking for less priced housing, in this market, to find better deals, if they can qualify.

It also give some of us "Ranting Elitists" more time to work on other issues in OUR community.

So for this week at least, thanks goes to the good folks at the Planning Department for taking more time to deal with the issues.

But a little hint now and then, wouldn't hurt.

With my luck, the Planning Department will release its information between April 4 and about April 12, when Terri won't allow me near a computer.

I'll leave it up to others to reveal the juicy news, if it happens then. Hope you're still reading Banditos Yanquis.

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