Thursday, March 06, 2008

Community, It's After 8. Do You Know Where Your Marshall's Is?

Well, I took a walk this morning, loaded up with all the medications I've been prescribed and wanted to see all the hoopla surrounding the opening of the new Marshall's on the upper tier of The Terraces.

The first photo was taken at 7:20 AM and shows a small line outside the store, waiting for it to open at the scheduled time of 8:00 AM.

On the right side of the photo and above the left side of the white car is Terri, who drove because she had an appointment early in the morning.

The next photo shows the ribbon cutting ceremony that occured at 7:45 AM. I think the gentleman cutting the ribbon was the first in line and he got the honor.

Incidently, none of the members of the Rancho Palos Verdes City Council appeared for the Grand Opening, so shame on them! This new store is about the only department store in the City of Rancho Palos Verdes and will probably account for more sales tax revenue generation that the two, yes, two large grocery stores in Rancho Palos Verdes.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the store actually started letting customers shop at 7:50 AM and we were all treated to a cloth shopping bag with the Marshall's name. The store's managers were tauting "go green".

The photo below was taken at 8:21 AM. I was standing at the end of an alley that is behind houses on Highmore.

Just look at the upper tier of the parking lot! This shot was taken only 31 minutes after the store actually opened.

To be fair, many drivers didn't bother to notice that the middle tier of parking spaces were almost completely empty of vehicles. Trader Joe's hadn't opened when I took this shot.

The combination of Marshall's, Bally's and Trader Joe's as the three largest sites in the shopping center, will probably completely fill all of the parking lots, during the afternoon and early evening.

Now here is a good little hint; Whether you enter the shopping center from the north end (Caddington) or the south end, you may want to head straight to the back area of the upper tier where you may find parking spots.

While I was viewing the parking, the side lot, just off of Caddington, was not totally filled, even at 8:10 AM. The front parking area viewed in the photo actually filled up by 8:11, according to my watch.

Yes, Terri and I did find a few items to purchase and we contributed to the revenue generated to our City to the tune of approximately 81 cents.

Please shop at Marshall's. Please spend lots of money. They have Izod polo shirts for less than $14.00 and other items with savings, too.

Just please shop when you feel you won't get too frustrated with the added traffic on Western and the lousyand the too short, turning pockets.

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