Friday, March 28, 2008

Odds and Ends 58

First, here are two images of businesses closing near the Ponte Vista site.

Both businesses were open and operating when the photos were taken Wednesday afternoon.

It appears that Marie Calendar's owner will be moving to the location loyal customers of Papadakis Taverna once enjoyed.

According to a family, the owner of Planet Kids wants to "retire". The site may become another business owned by the same family.

Members of Neighborhoods Organized and Involved to Support Education (NOISE) are looking into alternatives to building a 1,215-seat high school campus at Angel's Gate.

There are members who suggest that alternatives include utilizing the Cooper Continuation High School/Science Center sites on Taper/Sandwood-Barrywood.

Now I know there is already a new high school close by. But since the neighbors in that area insisted that student and parent traffic use only Western Avenue and not the Taper Avenue access to the new Mary Star of the Sea High School, perhaps a better utilization of the Cooper/Science Center sites might support the education of more students than are using them now.

I do like the "pledge" Bob's organization made for Clean San Pedro. I don't feel it was necessary to contact The Daily Breeze to trumpet the "pledge". It probably would have been even better if a donation of $25,000.00 was acknowledged by Clean San Pedro after the check cleared.

It could have shown that Bob wasn't just paying the money to get a favorable article on Page 3 of the newspaper, and seeking more support for his weapon of mass development.

Folks other than I have commented on the trash and blight that Bob continues to display on the Ponte Vista property.

The next L.A. City Mayoral election may get very interesting. If Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky decides to run for the job currently being held by Mayor V. it could pit a current Mayor who favors weapons of mass development as long as the developers support his elections and reelections, against a L.A. County Supervisor who has gone on record opposing such weapons and fighting for all of us, against over developers.

Maybe former Mayor Mark of Lomita will be joined by another Mayor who might lose his job too, for supporting developers over residents of their own city.

And still we wait.

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