Monday, August 25, 2008

Celebrating What?

Above is my interpretation of a card sent out by the Ponte Vista Outreach Team.

Apparently the folks at Ponte Vista are celebrating something. What they are really 'celebrating' is something I don't know.

There has been no decisions made by the Planning Department, Planning Commission, or L.A. City Council that I know of, and I learn lots of things that are going on.

Maybe it is Bob's way of saying "thank you" to his supporters just prior to evacuating the site, folding up shop, and leaving town.....don't we wish!

It could be a way of saying thanks to the fact that the number of supporters claimed by the Outreach Team has been resolved down from "20,000" to "about 18,000". and the correction is being celebrated.

It might be one way of 'paying' supporters for their continued support and providing them with more incentives to continue to support a project that is simply too big for OUR community.

If Ponte Vista and its Outreach Team needs to continue thanking folks for their support and encourage them by using incentives to keep their support, isn't that something that demonstrates some futility in their cause and case?

I doubt that Nels will be attending the celebration. He needs to reprimer his jeep, cut his dog's nails, shampoo his hair, and watch paint dry, all things he finds better to do than being thanked by folks representing Ponte Vista.

But everyone else is encouraged to attend and report back to M Richards as to what transpires at the event.

Heck, it is the end of Summer and free food, even with propaganda, is still free food.

Have a happy Labor Day weekend all, which is the weekend BEFORE the celebration.

I do need to give a great shout out to the Outreach Team for using unionized printing for their card. Thanks for that, Elise.

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