Friday, August 08, 2008

Odds and Ends 77

Elise Swanson and another member of the Outreach Team will be speaking at the upcoming Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council meeting on Tuesday August 12, 2008.

According to the Council's agenda, she will be giving an update about the project.

There also may be a resolution presented to suppport Bob's plans for Ponte Vista.

It should be a fun meeting to be involved with.

Let the vacationing days of August continue!


km said...

The meeting begins at 6:30 at the POLA High School. Before the meeting there will be a half hour candidates' forum for the next election. Meeting details and agenda at

Anonymous said...

anybody know what's going on here? why is she going before a neighborhood council when the matter is already under review at the planning department?

M Richards said...

It seems to me that the Ponte Vista Outreach Team isn't taking a vacation this August.

It certainly looks like they are trying to gather more support for Bob's plans by there renewed attempts to get a favorable resolution passed by Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council.

I think it would be no surprise for folks to learn that there are supporters of Bob's plans on the Council's Board and even their President has served as a supporter of Bob's plans.

Central was the last of the three San Pedro Neighborhood Councils to provide a comment on Ponte Vista and they did accept that they liked the concept of what Ponte Vista could be, but they stopped short of endorsing Bob's plans.

No matter. Central's President, Mr. Joe Gatlin, made an error in his public comment at one of the CAC meetings when he stated that Central endorsed Bob's plans, which they currently DO NOT.

Mr. Gatlin is facing an election, as are the other officers at Central, this October.

The Tuesday meeting will feature a candidates' meeting at 6:00, prior to the regular meeting where the candidates for the offices will have the opportunity to address potential voters.

I think this may be a fun meeting to attend.

It seems that a significant number of Board members are associated in some way with Ponte Vista and it will be quite interesting to see if they do what is correct and recuse themselves from dealing with any possible resolution.

In the prior voting concerning the concept of Ponte Vista, two board members recused themselves, but the President didn't feel it was necessary for him to recuse himself.

Central has been improving since their last election when a slate of Board members came onboard to attempt to straighten Central out.

It has done some good, I feel. But there is still a long way to go and the upcoming election of Officers should result (hopefully) in creating a stronger Central S.P.N.C. that will work with our other two Neighborhood Councils on all matters concerning San Pedro.

The Ponte Vista folks need to find support wherever they can, whenever they can.

Elise and the gang may consider folks like me 'addicted' to opposing Bob's current plans.

I think I can feel that the folks on the Outreach Team are 'addicted' to finding support for a development that so many of us think is just too huge.