Thursday, August 28, 2008

San Pedro Magazine and Ms. Valle-Sedillo

For a second time in two months, Ms. Yolanda Valle-Sedillo has been given space in San Pedro Magazine to provide information.

In this month's edition, Ms. Valle-Sedillo finally revealed that she is a member of the Ponte Vista Senior Advisory Board.

Whether the publisher of the magazine was informed by Ms. Valle-Sedillo of her connection to Ponte Vista or not, is something I still do not know.

I hope that Ms. Valle-Sedillo was the instrument to not fully advise Mr. Josh Stecker of her closer connection and not something Mr. Stecker simply failed to reveal at that time, last month.

In this month's issue, the editor included "Yolanda Valle-Sedillo is a San Pedro resident and a member of the Ponte Vista Senior Advisory Board" which is something he should have included last month, HAD HE KNOWN.

Ms. Valle-Sedillo opined that she learned information "on some obscure blog" that there was a complaint that someone had not been forthcoming about her connection to Ponte Vista.

If this blog is so "obscure" than how did she know about my complaint?

Does or did she read this blog?

Who among the regular readers of this blog that also support Ponte Vista let her know about the complaint? If folks don't think this blog is regularly read by at least one person in the trailers inside Ponte Vista, they would be misinformed.

This blog continues to be read by a small group of regular readers who have opinions about Ponte Vista at San Pedro, whether Ms. Valle-Sedillo thinks this is an "obscure" blog or not.

It may very well be an obscure blog, but because it has such a limited focus and limited range of issues, it is perfectly reasonable to concede that this blog can be considered "obscure". So what?

Again Ms. Valle-Sedillo trumpets fictional items as being real, true, and approved of things that "will" be included at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

Since absolutely nothing has been legally approved of to change the current zoning to a specific plan zone that Bob wants, how can anyone, including Ms. Valle-Sedillo make such claims?

It is extremely correct that the Ponte Vista site has been used as training grounds for a large number of different departments. It was used that way when the U.S. Navy still owned the land.

the part of the site that most folks can't see from Western is some of the best training areas within our state and country. I have written more than a little about these facts since this blog and my R1 blog was created.

If Ms. Valle-Sedillo wishes to find an even more "obscure" blog, she is welcome to attempt to find the blog that is supportive of Ponte Vista and created by someone within the Ponte Vista at San Pedro organization or Outreach Team, I believe.

Don't you wonder why a development might wish to offer to police persons, firefighters, nurses, teachers, and others a rebate to purchase condos within the development?

Why doesn't the developer offer units in a price range that wouldn't require rebates, other financial incentives, or a "Harbor Area First Program"?

If someone needs a rebate or some other developer incentive to get into a condo, shouldn't that condo be considered unaffordable for that someone who doesn't get the rebate, incentive, or refuses to accept the financial incentives?

It seems to me that units that need rebate incentives to be sold to folks who would not normally be able to purchase them are overpriced for the folks who might want to live with them.

Might Bob offer rebates and other financial incentives with the HOA dues, management fees and other fees he will have his management company charge condo owners IF he actually builds anything on the Ponte Vista site?

If someone needs a rebate to get into a unit, might they run into problems down the road with the fees and dues required for living in a development like Ponte Vista?

Aren't rebates and other buyer incentives used when something becomes hard to sell, over priced, or the market for the thing dries up?

How often to we see rebates for Honda vehicles compared to rebates for Fords, GM vehicles and especially Chrysler products?

And another thing. If it took so long for Ms. Valle-Sedillo to learn about how the Ponte Vista site has been used for years, perhaps she doesn't live closer to the site and/or she doesn't know all that much about the history of that land and how it had been used for generations.

How about Ms. Valle-Sedillo and I sit down in a room and tell each other what we actually know to be the truths about the history of the area, the history of the Ponte Vista marketing, purchase, and the applications concerning what Bob wants to do at the site.

We can also share with each other what we know to be true with just about everything in northwest San Pedro, Western Avenue, and the possible effects of what could occur if 1,950 units are approved for construction at the site.

I can also share why Bob chose "2,300-units" as opposed to any other number in his first application.

I have always contended that everyone should know as much as they possibly can about the proposed project whether they support it or not.

I would very much love to learn how much a well connected individual such as Ms. Valle-Sedillo really knows about the application, the applicant, and all the proposals and facts surrounding Ponte Vista.

I fear though, from reading her last two entries carried in San Pedro Magazine that she is, like too many others, less informed about Ponte Vista than she probably should be.

So from this "obscure" blog and blogger, I hope Ms. Valle-Sedillo didn't deliberately attempt to mislead Mr. Josh Stecker, by her not revealing last month, her connection to Bob Bisno and his Ponte Vista at San Pedro project.

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