Monday, August 11, 2008

Let's All Support the Tri Art Festival!

The second annual Tri Art Festival, in downtown San Pedro is going to be held on Saturday September 13 and Sunday September 14.

Bob and the Ponte Vista gang offered financial support last year, but it appears they are no longer involved in financially supporting the Festival.

I attended the first annual Festival last year, and it was so much less than what is planned for this year's Festival.

After I attended the first Festival, I wrote a post encouraging folks to attend last year's Sunday day. I also wrote that I would support future Tri Art Festivals.

The Tri Art Festival is run by Mr. Joe Caccavalla. He and I do not see eye to eye on our ideas for Ponte Vista, but this great gentleman is putting together another wonderful event for OUR community and I strongly urge everyone to try out Tri Art, this year.

This year's Festival will offer so much more and be quite a bit bigger than the first Festival.

Artisans from all over California Will be participating in a juried exhibition.

There will be lots of different types of art for viewing and purchasing.

"Cars as Art", a classic and custom car show will be held, with awards presented in different classes.

Several car clubs have been invited to participate, including San Pedro's Rascals and the Woodie Cars Club.

To me, this photo represents art in the form of an engine compartment of a car so many ridiculed, yet would very much like to have, right now.

It got decent gas mileage, it carried folks wherever they wanted to go, it was affordable in its day, and it was so simple.

Yes, it is a photo of the engine and engine compartment of a Pinto. Look how clean the lines are and how simple it was to look at, maintain, and enjoy, back in 1971.

There is much more to the Tri Art Festival than the art we enjoy on walls, under hoods, or sitting on tables.

There will be a Mario Lanza movie featured at the Warner Grand Theater and two days of other entertainment at the Warner Grand.

The late tenor's movie will be shown on September 14, at 1:00 PM and if you haven't seen one of Mario Lanza's musical movies, I think you might have a wonderful experience watching the movie in a theater designed to treat the eyes and ears and stir memories of movie watching in bygone days.

But wait, there's more!

7Th Street will be alive with music both days of the festival. There will be two stages set up to provide musical and dancing entertainment from many of L.A.'s finest entertainments groups.

For those of you who love dance, Sunday September 14 will be filled with dances and dancers from throughout the area, including our own San Pedro City Ballet.

As I learn more of the schedules for the Tri Art Festival, I will create more posts.

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