Friday, August 15, 2008

Odds and Ends 78

You may have guess that Odds and Ends 77 was not created while I was in the area.

August is the month I hoped would be more void of Ponte Vista news, so we had our Page family camping trip in Terri's family's favorite place, the Rock Creek area of the eastern Sierras.

I hope all readers of this blog get a chance to have some sort of vacation from issues revolving around Ponte Vista.

Perhaps the senior member of the Ponte Vista Outreach Team has done just that.

I haven't received any reply to an Email I sent to Ms. Elise Swanson regarding the "20% of 'workforce housing' or 'housing for working families'" that she contends will be provided at Ponte Vista.

I wanted to learn the actual number of units "20%" referred to.

How about readers of this blog give us your thoughts on how many units it might be.

Please remember that

20% of 1,950 is 390.
20% of 1,100 is 220.
20% of 1,000 is 200.

But what if "20%" means 20% of each type of unit?
Would it be 20% of 850, which is 150?
What about if you add 20% of 100, which is 20?
Then take 20% of 1,000, which is 200.
Perhaps the "20%" figure is 370 units.

***Please note that when I stated that there wouldn't be 1,950-units built at Ponte Vista, I was able to write down the quote I heard from the same individual; "Well, I know."

I still haven't gathered enough information to be able to pass along whether the resolution adopted by Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council on Tuesday night, and whatever the amended end of the resolution is, was all legal, ethical, and is a true resolution that can remain adopted.

I hope somebody that has the written amendment that Ms. Castillo made will place it in a comment to this post, so we can all read what was adopted, whether legal or illegal.

Mr. Costa opined that he thought the goats he has seen inside the Ponte Vista fences should probably be unionized.

I am sure Mr. Costa's comments were meant in jest.

HOWEVER, I have seen maintenance workers, human weed cutters and know there are probably clerical workers and security folks at Ponte Vista all the time.

If Bob is so agreeable to having unionized workers work at Ponte Vista, shouldn't the security staff, the maintenance staff, and the non-management workers working inside the Outreach trailers be union represented right now?

If Bob has agreed in writing to walk the walk, I think he should have a demonstration of that with the workers currently working at the Ponte Vista site, I feel.

I was grateful to see that all the ships and boats involved in the parade of craft during the opening of the Festival of Sail didn't have any Ponte Vista logos displayed.

What did bother me to almost no end was the narrator who was reading out of a scripted book about the area and the ships.

This happened at the far end of Ports O' Call where Whalers' Wharf used to be.

The gentleman stated over and over again, the words, "San Paydro" instead of "San Pedro" which is the name of the suburb of L.A.

"San Paydro" is in the country of Belize and there is actually a "San Pedro High School" in that city.

So to the out of town boaters who moor their crafts in our harbor, but visit the area only to play with their "floating money", the area is San "Peedro" and not the city at the top of South America.

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