Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ponte Vista's Blog and What is Not Included

There is a blog most probably written by someone who receives money, in part, for writing and maintaining that blog, that has one item of some interest this blog will report on.

One of the posts is regarding Councilwoman Janice Hahn's signing of a pledge supporting more options for different types of housing for people with different amounts of income.

What the post fails to mention is that Ms. Hahn opposed Bob's current plans at Ponte Vista, even with the different income levels of proposed condominiums that may be offered at the site.

The post also fails to reveal that Ms. Hahn continues to keep the same opinion as she stated over one year ago that she has seen no adequate reasoning to allow for any changes of the current zoning at Ponte Vista.

Whether you view the photo included on that blog of a smiling Councilwoman, please understand that she continues to oppose Bob's current plans for the site, she was "shocked" by the very small number of total units that Bob lowered in his most recent application, and she still sees no reason to have the current zoning changed, or allowing for a specific plan zone to be approved, at this time.

Ms. Hahn and many of us strongly believe that "something" will be built at the Ponte Vista site, but she and thousands and thousands of others believe that Bob's current plans call for too many units at the site.

I just think folks ought to know more information when they view a photo of a smiling Janice Hahn on a blog supportive of Bob's current plans at Ponte Vista.

If anyone were to consider Ms. Hahn's smile as something of any kind of endorsement of Bob's current plans, they would be so very wrong.

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