Saturday, March 28, 2009

April 9, 2009 Information

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I have talked to several sources and learned one piece of information.

If appears that Mr. Fentin, the Outreach Team, and others supporting developing Ponte Vista at San Pedro are hopeful that something other than complete disapproval and/or denial comes out of the Planning Commission meeting.

It looks like any hold, continuance, or anything other than complete repudiation of the current application and plans will be considered a victory by folks representing the developer.

It is clear to so many of us that everything must start over. There must be no holds placed on the plans and applications. There must be no continuances of the meetings.

This project must begin completely anew.

If the Outreach Team receives anything other than complete rejection of the current plans and applications, they can claim some victory or tacit approval of the plans and project.

No approval of anything should be granted, at this time. Too much has changed.

The environment is different than it was over three years ago.

1,395-units is far too many units at the site, according to the L.A. Planning Department and others.

If we are to believe Ted Fentin has told the truth that he would not use a density bonus, then he can build up to 886-units at Ponte Vista IF he begins again and goes through all normal channels.

Ted wants 157% of what the Planning Department's own guidelines allow for. He seems to want that without going through the necessary channels, it seems.

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