Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ponte Vista Next to the DFSP

Two sources I know wrote to the Commander of the Defence Fuel Supply Point about whether the Commander was interviewed by Mr. Jim Oswald, regarding the Ponte Vista at San Pedro project.

Lt. Colonel Jon Ramer, provided two sets of interesting comments that I feel should be shared for all to consider.

Here is an Email and Lt. Col Ramer's reply:


It has been reported recently that a public facilitator is interviewing roughly 60 people within the community at San Pedro City Hall to determine what is an acceptable solution at Ponte Vista. As neighbors of the Ponte Vista project, I am writing to inquire whether you have been invited to attend any of the interviews that are currently being conducted by the developer.

It would be important for the community to know this, since your operations will potentially be impacted from the project."

Here is Lt. Col Jon Ramer's reply:


No, I have not been invited. It would be interesting to hear the comments though, especially since other folks may be under the same impression that the Ponte Vista project will impact our operations. The opposite is actually more accurate, the Ponte Vista development is more likely to be affected by our operations. Mr. Bisno was well informed about that when he purchased the land.

Lt Col Ramer "

Lt. Col Ramer then added more information to the second source elaborating further on that sources' Email.

Here is a portion of that elaboration:

"This will of course affect how the development proceeds.

Additionally, the developers have been clearly and repeatedly informed that there will be absolutely no further easements, land grants, access,or fence line changes into the base to accommodate the development.That specifically includes no access roads across any part of the DFSP.

There is also the security clear zone of 10 feet from the perimeterfence and encroachment issues of building near it (probably not a worry due to the shape of the terrain). Mr. Bisno has to design his development plans with all this in mind, all of which has been relayed to him. Lastly, it is his responsibility to inform his potential customers that they will be residing next to an operational military fuel storage depot and that occasionally they will smell vapors, not often, but it does and will happen.

Our operations will not stop if his residents complain."

Lt. Col Ramer also include the provision that IF a new school were built on the Ponte Vista at San Pedro site, it would have be situated at least 1,500 feet from any storage tank.

It seems to appear that Bob knew that the operations of the DFSP may affect folks living at Ponte Vista, but I don't have any other documentation or recollection about the matter.

Could this be one more 'dirty little secret' Bob, Ted Fentin and the Outreach Team don't want you or potential residents to know?

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