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Odd and Ends 107

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I must have received 6 or 7 of the illustrations of the flyer. I added my one comment at the bottom of it.

See the illustration of the new road that must be built if any change of the current zoning is really considered?
I left out the road through Ponte Vista (green area) because it would be illustrated on conceptual drawings that SHOULD appear at the March 12 open house, but won't be viewed there.
When you attend the March 12 Open House and you overhear folks working the room trying to get Eastview Little League to have permanent fields at Ponte Vista at San Pedro, I believe you can understand some facts.
For permanent fields or a 6-acre park to be placed on the site, it would mean a much higher density of units, people, and vehicles on the property.
According to records, Bob purchased 61.53 acres of property, of land owned by the Federal Government and the Volunteers of America.
He received funding for the $122,000,000.00 purchase and you can look at one of the very first posts on this blog for the actual breakdown.
The average price paid per acre of land, was $1,982,772.631.
The value of the 6 acres first illustrated to become fields for EVLL, back when the land was first purchased was $11,896,635.78, and was originally to be an 'amenity' provided by Bob and Bisno Development Co., LLC.
If the land actually becomes fields for EVLL or even a public park, Ted Fentin and Credit Suisse would have to find monies to compensate for the 'amenity' of the land to the tune of 11.896 Million Dollars.
To recover costs for the land, Ted Fentin, Bisno Development Co, LLC, and Credit Suisse would have to have a large number of units for sale on the site, charge more per unit on the site, or both.
Should the residents and visitors of OUR community have to deal with a larger unit density at Ponte Vista and all that goes with such a large development, for the sake of approximately 600 families each year?
Credit Suisse would need to recoup the cost of the land they would probably donate, but they would probably require a population density that would be high and a dwelling density much greater than the dwelling density at The Gardens.
If fields were given to EVLL, not only the increased traffic from Ponte Vista residents, staff, visitors, and services be added to Western, but all the traffic for EVLL would also be added.
I produced an image that I may use on one of my other blogs that shows all three fields of the Lomita Little League could easily fit on the Eastview Park site.
Google Earth still doesn't have an aerial photo of Knoll Hill WITH the three existing fields used by EVLL, but when that is up, I can make an illustration to show that those fields would fit at Eastview Park. I want to capture all images from the same "Eye Altitude" so I can be fair to the illustration and the folks who would look at the image.
OUR community would have to deal with a Ponte Vista development that would be too large in scale for OUR community, if ball fields were placed at Ponte Vista.
Well, not only did Mayor Villaraigosa declare a draught in Los Angeles, Governor S. declared a draught for the State of California.
This is yet another reason for the next set of comments.

The Traffic and Transportation Section has been considered to be flawed by many individuals who are professionals and other well educated persons.

The current water problems and the draught was not considered in the Environmental Impact Report, when it was written. A dramatic change in the water resources to support construction at Ponte Vista is more in question now.

New and improved studies must be taken to insure that whatever is built at Ponte Vista at San Pedro meets or exceeds current standards and looks far into the future of OUR community.

Everyone has the chance to start over and get everything correct, this time.

OUR community cannot afford to have such a large development in such a sensitive area, for so many years to come.

New studies on employment, revenue generation, tax bases, and all other areas of the EIR must be done.

The studies must be done for the benefit of future residents of Ponte Vista, residents who live within 2 miles of the project site, and for all others in OUR community.

Ponte Vista, Bob, and too many other got it wrong the first time, as it now has been proven.

Why trust anything that was done in the past and why trust that these same folks won't foul it up again?

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Anonymous said...

City of L.A. Registered
Voters: 1,596,165

Council District 15 Registered Voters: 99,553

Election Night Results (Unofficial)
as of March 4, 2009


Votes: 9,250
Percent: 75.71%

Votes: 2,967
Percent: 24.29%

Congratulations to Ms. Hahn on her third term. However, it does not appear to be a glorious election base on these numbers with only 9,250 (9.29%) voter turout of the total 99,553 registered voters in her district.

It does not include the 46,000 city ballots still uncounted.