Friday, March 06, 2009

Now, Here Is Another Announcement!

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And now for a public service announcement:
For those of you favoring keeping Ponte Vista at San Pedro with its current zoning, Daylight Savings' Time begins at 2:00 AM this coming Sunday morning, March 8.
For those of you who want a large number of units at Ponte Vista, say around 1,300-units, never mind, "move along, there's nothing to see here."


Anonymous said...

what about just extending taper avenue to gaffey street?

M Richards said...

Thanks for you comment, Anonymous 4:36 PM

I have having a bit of a problem trying to figure out how to do what you are suggesting. I guess I need more information from you.

Basically, Taper and Gaffey run the same direction.

As Taper Avenue ends at the gates for Mary Star, it becomes a private road for the campus.

It is true that the gates are usually open for faculty, staff, visitors, and deliveries, students and parents are supposed to use the road through Ponte Vista, from Western Avenue.

One of the stipulations made during the approval processes for Mary Star was that the private road to the campus remain private and not have access to Western through the campus.

It turns out that a small groups of neighbors got together and sealed the fate of Western Avenue, a road those particular neighbors have the option to avoid.

Anonymous said...

i see. my idea was to extend taper from the edge of mary star out to gaffey. guess that private school won't have it.