Saturday, March 28, 2009

Few Things New Viewed By Very Few People

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The March 28 Open House dealing with Ponte Vista at San Pedro came and went with far too few members of OUR community bothering to show up.

The total unit count shown for the project is 1,395-units with the following breakdown:

630 Town Houses
385 Multi-family condominiums
380 Senior Housing Units.

Now if you are wondering how many bedrooms would be included at Ponte Vista, go ahead and continue wondering.

If you would like to know the potential residential population living at the site, so would I.

If you wish to consider the number of vehicles that would be parked at the site, please remain considering.

There was no one from the developer to the assistant by any of the boards who was willing to provide suggestions about those numbers, except one.

The architect and I talked in general about the possible number of bedrooms in the various types of units. But since nobody else was willing to provide more information, I don't think it is fair to reveal what numbers he generalized.

The Gardens has 1,100 units on its 80 acres.

Mr. Fentin wants 1,395 units on 61.53 acres. That would be equivalent to having 1,814 units at The Gardens, 714 more than stand today.

There are plans to provide a total of 20% of the Multi-family and Senior Units with units priced for "working families". So up to 153 units would be for 'workforce housing' out of 1,395 units.

That allows for about 11% of the housing being the least priced.

Of course there was no mention of the possible prices, the median price, or the sizes of the different types of units.

All of the items displayed at the Open House were probably viewed by little more than about 100 people from OUR community.

There were times during the Open House when it seemed there were more representatives of Ponte Vista in the room that there were members of the public.

Apparently at the March 12 Open House there were individuals making a great number of comments.

At this Open House, the Outreach Team numbered the comment forms in a way to help prevent folks from making too many comments for their liking. They claimed they wanted a greater representation from the community.

I would imagine that there could have been folks on all sides of the issues who may have wanted to post many comments.

What surprised me was that there were so many comments reflecting the wish that the site remain R1. I knew there had been an event earlier in the week for folks who generally support the developer's plans. I thought there would be a much greater number of supportive comments of this latest plan.

There had been not much of a spirited drive to get folks demanding that R1 remain at the site this past week.

I have to acknowledge that there is now one member of the Outreach Team who is unwilling to engage every member of the public with answers to specific questions.

After what I have been put through by some supporters of the project, it looks like this cook remains in the kitchen while the other cook can't stand the heat.

This Open House did not reveal enough real information about the project to truly consider its merits, by a great number of people.

Since we do not know the potential population, number of bedrooms, possible prices, and potential number of vehicles using Western Avenue, how and why should we feel the developer and Outreach Team has provided us with enough information?

They may want folks to attend the Planning Commission meeting without being provided with as much information as they should have, in my opinion.

A final point.

I am still sad that so few folks who wrote comments in support of these latest developments have so little true knowledge about the project.

When someone attending this Open House has to ask what R1 is, that demonstrates a lack of knowledge.

When comments state that some folks either like or don't like the project without mentioning reasons, that too demonstrates a real lack of knowledge.

But I have to post one comment from a person who has been vocal in support of the project for several years. This individual hopefully is in the minority of supporters of whatever the developer wishes to build, whether it benefits the community or not.

This individual would most likely never live at Ponte Vista in the first place.

"Since the Village Green and Retail/mixed use areas will be open to all the public, security is a concern. The residents of Ponte Vista will be paying Association fees and should have first rights to use. I can envision people other than residents "reserving" spaces during weekends and holidays especially. We see that at Peck Park now. Residents must have the right to remove anyone causing a disturbance."

While I agree that folks who cause disturbances should be a concern, the reference to who uses Peck Park on the weekends and holidays seems to be racist in nature and should be condemned on its face.

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