Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Aloha from the "ranting elitist", just back from Maui and Kauai.

It was wonderful to get a break in the action and have some time to not think about all the issues going on in San Pedro and elsewhere.

May I recommend spending a couple of hours at the summit of Haleakala'a volcano. The quiet, peacefulness, and wonder is so very refreshing.

The silence of just a breeze passing one's ears allows many folks to clear their minds of thing they thought were so very important, but are nothing compared to the majesty of what Mother Nature can provide.

I will probably post pictures and a short story on my Caveman Dairy blog, but not just yet.

Are you not tired of watching yourself in the tele yet?

Here is the body of an Email that tells us where we can go and watch us again, and again, and again.

I haven't had the time or will to watch me leaning on the wall.

This is another avenue for folks to watch the replay of the public hearing. The link below will take you to the page for on-demand content on the City's website. Simply click on your program title (Ponte Vista) on the right side of the screen.


My inbox has received articles about growth, density, and problems currently being felt in the housing market.

Growth and density are issues that I will continue to post articles on.

The current housing crisis may not be of any impact on what is finally approved of and/or built at Ponte Vista.

Actual construction of anything that may be approved of is still years away. I think Bob, realtors, folks who wish to sell their homes, and the rest of OUR community are hoping the current market issues end, long before the bulldozers crawl around northwest San Pedro.

I hope each and every one of you can spend some time NOT thinking about Ponte Vista. We all need a break and the Planning Department is giving us one as they peruse the comments from the hearing and create their recommendations for the Planning Commission.

I hope their decision does not come for more than several months, but some folks think the recommendations may come as early as October.

Once you have finished your vacation from thinking about Ponte Vista, you will come back refreshed and willing to continue to take on Bob's weapon of mass development.

I think you should know that there are supporters of Bob's who are trying to convince folks who have opposed the project, to now state their neutrality or go over to the supporters' side of the issue.

If you feel they are becoming more desperate, then that is your opinion and I will not argue with that.

Bob is apparently taking a tour of his City Place project in Santa Ana on July 12.

According to our new friends at CARA, the opposition group to Bob's use of eminent domain in the city of Baldwin Park, Bob is scheduled to arrive between 10 AM and 11 AM on that day.

City Place is a loft/commercial project in the city of Santa Ana that is probably almost done with initial construction of the lofts.

Bob has been talking about building a 32-story condominium tower across the street from City Place. One illustration of the building actually showed two towers of condos.

Perhaps CARA, R Neighborhoods Are 1 and the group in Santa Ana which opposes the towers can get together and form a large network to try and stop Bob, no matter where he goes or what he tries.

If a network is formed, it may also suggest to other developers and government folks that over development has met its match in the greater L.A. area and it is time to put the breaks on, until WE THE PEOPLE decide what is best for OUR community, even if it is the size of L.A..

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