Friday, July 25, 2008

Odds and Ends 75

The new Target Store on the corner of Gaffey and Capitol is slated to open on October 12.

So, as the Knights of Columbus parade down streets in our country, there will very likely be a very large parade of cars from all directions heading for the new store.

Here is a letter to the editor of The Daily Breeze from a local Assemblyman:

Put limits on development

Kudos to the Daily Breeze for pointing out that it would be "reckless" to continue pushing for dense developments in the midst of a water shortage. ("A planning drought," July 8). The water crisis is real. Because of climate change, California's snowmelt in the Sierras has shrunk, and the state has had one of the driest years on record. A federal court recently cut off a major source of water by restricting pumping at the San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta. Last month, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger issued an executive order certifying California is in a drought.

Dense or large-scale developments strain our region's water supply. Just because land may be zoned for residential development does not mean the developer automatically has the right to build housing, without any thought as to the impacts on traffic, schools and water supply. That is why I opposed, and continue to oppose, dense residential development at Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance.

I also oppose Ponte Vista, a massive 1,950-unit project in San Pedro. Since water use is regional, the water needed to sustain Ponte Vista's mammoth development would affect not just San Pedro, but also other communities, such as Venice and Westchester.

As a member of the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee, I have consistently voted for water conservation measures, such as AB 2175, which requires a 20 percent per-capita reduction in urban water use by 2020.

Land-use decisions, however, are primarily in the hands of cities and counties. Given the severe water shortage, local governments should follow the Daily Breeze's recommendation and refrain from approving any new dense or large-scale developments.

Assemblyman, 53rd District, Torrance

The letter appeared in the Thursday July 24 edition of the paper.

At the location of the former Planet Kids store, there is a new clothing store that sells school uniforms.

Right now it seems to be a cash only store, from our reading of the sign on the front door.

It also appears that the clothing is being sold a favorable prices.

Once upon a time there were quite a few yellow signs on the Western Avenue side of the fencing surrounding Ponte Vista.

Now it seems, most of them are gone and the remaining ones have three pieces of paper taped to them, with some kind of legal description on them.

The larger number of signs were placed along the fencing just before the public hearing on the project.

The same type of signs were carried by unionized construction workers outside the site of the public hearing, which was held at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

The Ponte Vista Blog for the support of the Ponte Vista project has been updated recently.

So far, I haven't seen any comments on any posts.

Their blog tauts the concept that unionized workers will be the builders of Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

As a proud member of the Communications Workers of America, I certainly would like to see only unionized workers build whatever is going to be built at the site.

But since ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been approved of for actually building at Ponte and NO ACTUAL numbers of units have been approved of, it is certainly going to be something if Bob stands by his agreements if he doesn't get the number of units he wants.

Their blog also showed photos of local residents speaking in support of the project.

I have seen most of these folks speaking at previous meetings.

There are more than quite a few 'regulars' on the opposition side that speak regularly, too.

I was quite amazed though, to see so many new faces speaking at the public hearing in opposition to what Bob wants to do to OUR community.

Many folks who spoke in support of Ponte Vista, at the public hearing, have a financial interest in having a large development being built in northwest San Pedro.

It is logical to suggest that if there is financial gain possible for someone, because of construction of a large development, they are more willing to speak in support of the project, no matter what it may do to the community.

I wasn't able to identify anyone speaking in opposition to a huge Ponte Vista development that would make any money if it was not built.

This blog MAY take a real break from having postings in August.

I've been remiss in writing on two other blogs, and one of them may actually turn into a book someday, perhaps.

Please remember that no matter what our 'dreams' may be for what Ponte Vista could look like, as long as Bob continues to seek so many units at Ponte Vista, it must remain R1, NO COMPROMISE!


Where did 2,000 Ponte Vista supporters go?????????

I have read and heard from many sources tauting support for Ponte Vista that there are 'more than' "20,000" supporters of Ponte Vista in San Pedro.

In reading their blog, I read "more than 18,000" people continue to support Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

So, where did 2,000 folks go?

Could it be they just don't care anymore?

Might it be that a significant percentage of those 2,000 "supporters" didn't support Ponte Vista in the first place?

Could it be just a calculation error on the part of employees of the Outreach Team who get paid for dealing with supporters and/or materials from suspected supporters?

Might we have 2,000 more converts to the opposition?

Could it be that we are all now closer to about a 50/50 split among folks who care, in support or in opposition to what Bob wants to build?

I can't tell for sure, but I wonder if the opposition side has lost 2,000 or so of its members.

I don't thinks so and I certainly hope not. I hope opposition to Bob's current plans continue to grow as more folks learn the true facts about what could happen to OUR community if such a huge development is built so close to San Pedro's borders, and so far from downtown San Pedro.

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Anonymous said...

On October 12th, when the Target Store opens, my years of profound and lingering depression over the past demolition of the Taco Bell fire pit on Western Avenue - will be erased in one fell swoop!

Open, Open, Open!