Monday, July 14, 2008

Bob and His Six New Blogs

Bob Bisno and his companies have joined the ranks of bloggers with not one, but six blogs trying to spread their version of development on communities.

I visited the blog for Ponte Vista and noted very quickly that to place a comment on that blog, your name and Email address is "required".

If Ponte Vista is such a great project, why does the blogger 'require' the name and Email address?

Of course I am not going to supply the blog's address on this blog, but as that blog places more posts, it can be found via Google.

Also, if you choose to believe things like Ponte Vista is a project that follows "Smart Growth", I still have my one acre of the Moon to sell you.

I haven't spent time looking at the other blogs, but you can probably guess that the blogger(s) are getting paid to create those blogs, but folks like me, don't receive a dime for my blogs.

Thanks to Just4fin for directing me to the fiction that is Bob's blog for Ponte Vista.

I guess I'll have to write counter-posts to the tales Bob's blogger tells.

And another thing, if you happen to visit Bob's Ponte Vista blog, you might just find yourself on a list of 'supporters' of his plans.

Oh well, let the fun begin.

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