Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Letter to an Editor

Here is a letter to the editor of The Daily Breeze.

Hahn has been consistent

I was taken back by the letter from Jane Barton attacking City Councilwoman Janice Hahn for not taking a position on Ponte Vista ("Hahn should take a stand," Monday).

The councilwoman has consistently said at public meetings and in private that she has heard nothing to make her believe that the zoning should be changed from R-1. At the public hearing Barton references, she asked the Planning Department to outright deny the developer's proposal, to start anew with something the community could support.

Barton implies that the councilwoman could have reduced the time that this project has been under discussion. Evidently she does not understand the lengthy process followed by the city.

One determining element of any project requesting approval of a specific plan is the need for the developer to provide the necessary documents. In this case, the developer has tried to substitute vague "sales documents" for real information.

Additionally, Bob Bisno is not the typical developer. Most other developers would have responded to the concerns of the council office and the community by sitting down to discuss what type of project the community could support.

Instead, this developer has, from the outset, treated this project as a sales job rather than a planning process.

Frankly, he apparently thinks that if he spreads enough money around the community, we will ignore the negative impacts of his proposal. His not working with the community, not working with the councilwoman, and not submitting realistic and necessary information to the city are the reasons for any delay.

I applaud the councilwoman for standing up for the community and asking the Planning Department to recommend outright denial of the project. I hope they take her recommendation.

San Pedro

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Anonymous said...

That was a great and accurate letter by Diana Nave regarding ceaseless attacks on Councilwoman Hahn regarding Ponte Vista.

Hahn's stood up AND CLEARLY EXPLAINED, her mandate to keep Ponte Vista zoned for single family homes only AND to restrict the number of homes there. Yippy! What clear part of that didn't Jane Barton understand at that forum where that was explained to everyone else in the room?

I'm tired of seeing the same people write letters of complaint in publications and blogs all over town, without getting their facts straight.

Why don't they take the time to uderstand the facts? Perhaps then they won't be so angry and realize we have a dedicated Councilwoman protecting our resident' best interests. She could haved rubber-stamped the project to get it moving, or do what's in San Pedro's best interest and make sure it's done right.

It seems the only local people ready to rubber-stamp the project (and in such a disgraceful way) was the San Pedro Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, and some other greedy local business people. Those endorsements had to do with THEIR own interests and NOT about the negatively impacts the community.

Thank goodness we at least had Councilwoman Hahn there concerned and standing up for the little people -- it's city residents!