Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wasn't Western Wonderful Wednesday?

Westers, anywhere near Caddington was NOT wonderful, especially during the noon hour.

We got a bit of a reminder of how Western Avenue was like when each direction was narrowed down to just one lane.

Work was being done on both sides of Western right at Caddington.

The northbound lanes were clogged back to Trudie.

The southbound lanes were clogged from at least Delesonde/Westmont and folks trying to turn left onto Western from Westmont found it a difficult task.

If you don't remember when Western Avenue was reduced down to a two-lane road for some months, then if you experienced the problems that we are now seeing, it was a little like then, what we are seeing now.

I hope all supporters of Bob's didn't mind the traffic congestion one bit. Because you are the ones that will have to share the congestion with the rest of us who are none to happy when congestion gets as bad as it did on Wednesday.

I hope folks realize that if Bob gets anywhere near the number of units he wants at Ponte Vista, traffic congestion like we have seen recently, will probably become the norm for Western.

Bob does indicate that he is willing to add a lane on Western Avenue.

Of course the lane he wants to add is just on the northbound side of Western and about as long as his property line is, along Western Avenue.

With the congestion we are seeing recently, with one or two lanes closed, it really won't make much of a difference if there are turning and merging lanes on Western, because nobody will be able to pilot their vehicles faster that about 10 mph, perhaps.

Maybe someone will write a letter to the editor of the Daily Breeze concerning the congestion we have recently been having to deal with, near Caddington. Someone may write about how much traffic will be congested if anything is approved of at Ponte Vista with a larger density of what R1 would bring into the area.

I keep trying to suggest a new road between Western and Gaffey, through the Ponte Vista property. Something like that would certainly cause a lot less traffic on Western and provide everyone with more options for their journeys.


Anonymous said...

Yeah this was a concern, but what really causes the hundreds of cars to leave San Pedro via Western each day? Is it the RPV (Former 90732 area of San Pedro) shuffling their kids to PV for better schools? How about those going to Torrance for a place to eat or a cool place to shop? Too many people are traveling out of San Pedro because we do not have what we want in town to meet our needs. This makes traveling North and South the norm on Western and Gaffey. You and others need to deal with this fact and that is San Pedran's leave and return to town each day because we have nothing here that sustains our daily needs. Until downtown, the waterfront and other areas in San Pedro are cleaned up and cool shops and restaurants are in San Pedro, the traffic will continue. This issue is the elephant in the room.

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 11:01 PM.

We drove on Western during the lunch hour and at a time when an LAUSD middle school, in Rancho Palos Verdes, was ending its Summer School day.

Eastview has a double-edge sword stuck in it.

We can have our kids go to schools in either district, but we have two LAUSD schools in our city that will remain there for many many more years.

Also, I don't know if you know this but during the regular school year, 600 middle school students are bussed to and from Dodson, from Wilmington.

I am thankful that the congestion we saw wasn't happening during the regular school year, during the morning or afternoon 'rushless' hours.

On the issues of shopping and eating downtown, we have mostly stopped going to the two main Italian restraunts on Western in favor of the one on 6Th and Mesa.

We also enjoy other restaurants in that area and some closer to the coast.

You are correct in making points about shopping in the downtown area, but I don't know how that may change when Target opens up.

Maybe we need to see a dramatic change in the downtown area from what it was, primarily serving the San Pedro community, to something else.

Should downtown San Pedro become an 'artsy' enclave?

Does San Pedro need to work harder on becoming a destination point rather than an embarkation and dropping off point?

Should it become an area of more affordable housing?

Do you think the downtown area needs another large supermarket because of the potential added population at lofts and Vue, coupled with all the residents currently living in the area?

In reading the newspapers lately, it seems we are back to having not much going on (except for the fountain) in the waterfront development actions and the Angel's Gate Master Plan.

I think many of us wish we knew where the downtown area and the waterfront area are going.

What are some ideas for 'cool' shops and other restaurants in the downtown area?

Anonymous said...

I went into Williams bookstore the other day, because I like to patronize local shops. I've never seen such a sad selection in a retail book shop in my life. So, how about doing something about that? A place to buy office/school supplies in town would be nice, too. As would another Ralph's or TJ's in the downtown area. I love Sacred Grounds for the atmosphere and the coffee, but I've never failed to get stale pastry there. They really need to do something about that. A big problem in downtown is the fact that on an average afternoon, most of those shops are closed. Iv'e seen that cute gift shop next to the Whale open during the day exactly twice in the last year. I'm sure it's open more than that but why should I have to check constantly and stop by in the hope it's open? How can I shop if you aren't open reliable hours?

More low income housing? We have lots, a higher percentage than in your neighborhood by a huge margin. More section 8 isn't going to be filled with people who patronize downtown shopping.I know that's not PC to say, but really, the percentage of subsidized and low income housing is higher than most communities, so high that it's problematic. Market rate housing is what we need, more diversity of incomes is the answer.

Fot Italian restaurants, I much prefer Neil's on 5th. :)

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 5:56 PM.

I have been reminded that I haven't written enough about downtown on my Issues to Ponder blog.

It is a new blog that still needs more posts before it becomes more read, because there are lots of things to ponder about in OUR community.

Terri and I have had Neil's on our list for quite some time, but there is still something holding me back from trying it.

Maybe it is because it is probably the one years old restaurant that I haven't tried yet. Yes I am a little ashamed about it, so maybe we'll take our oldest son there for his 30Th Birthday dinner.

Do you remember the old Harbor Office Supply?

It was where the hobby shop now stands and it was there for many years.

Some of the H.O. Buildings on the layout were made by me while I was dealing with a bum hip.

Anyway, you are so correct about many things in the comments.

I don't know what to do about downtown, but I hope other folks know what should be done.

Dick Pawloski has his 6Th Street Creek idea, but that is just one suggestion of many.

I think I will move your comments to the other blog when I write about downtown, because they are just the types of comments that need pondering.

I don't believe I wrote about 'low income housing' in my comments.

I know that that type of housing is already downtown and over in R.S.P. and it is probably not what downtown needs.

'Affordable' housing is really a fantasy that some folks believe is needed in San Pedro, a place where there is quite a lot of 'non-affordable' housing for too many people.

But Ponte Vista WOULD NOT solve that problem, no way, no how.

Statistically, there is .6 jobs per worker who lives in San Pedro, in San Pedro.

So the majority of us have to commute.

One thing that San Pedro has an advantage at is that many jobs in the ports of L.A. and Long Beach actually pay wages that can allow those folks with those jobs, a fairly reasonable chance of owning a house.

With so many foreclosures happening right now, perhaps some of the card-carrying longshore workers can find some pretty good deals.

But I digress.

Terri and I love Nikko's but it is not air conditioned, so we are taking the hot summer off from visiting it.

We have lost Nona's Kitchen some months ago. It had the best lasagna in the area, hands down.

Mrs. Pallazollo made some great rice balls, two. Her Italian cookies were a hit.

I live very close to Niccolo's and they have my most favorite dish at that restaurant.

I also put a shout out to Domineck's and Raffaello's of course.

We happen to be blessed with the greatest Italian restaurants, probably in the world, right here, so it is a joy to visit the ones we have visited.