Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 11, 2008

Here is the body of an Email sent out by a member of the opposition to having 1,950-condos built at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

"We went downtown today to file petitions, postcards and surveys with City Planning.

We took about 11,000 petitions, 2600 postcards and various comment letters. When we got there, (a member of the Planning Department) showed us an additional 650 postcards that had been mailed in, an astounding number! I was hoping to see maybe 100-150. In addition, there were maybe 400 emails and letters that had been sent in.

The picture attached is of the combined submittals. 3300 postcards in basically eight days is amazing to me. By the way, the City expects more cards to arrive through perhaps Tuesday."

Of course Bob and his Outreach Team will counter with their "20,000" cards and other things of support for their side. That is to be expected.

Of course every single item of support gathered by Bob's team were handled or otherwise administered by persons receiving pay for the services rendered.

Of course, every single piece of paper or card stock viewed in the photo above was collected, presented, written by, and/or mailed in by persons receiving not even a single penny!

Postage for over 700 cards in one instance, was donated by a great member of the Ponte Vista opposition force.

It's becoming ever easier to see that Bob's vision of Ponte Vista is not a vision that OUR community can tolerate or live with for generations.

Now, the waiting period returns. We get to wait while the hearing officer and the Planning Department deal with all the written and oral comments from all sides of the issue.

Perhaps as early as October, we may see something of a recommendation going to the Planning Commission, from the Planning Department as to the applicant's proposals for Ponte Vista at San Pedro and how the recommendations differ from what Bob wants.

Happy Vacation!

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Anonymous said...

I think San Pedro needs to balance a need for new revenue against what Ponte Vista would do 'TO' the community, not 'FOR'.

The local Chamber of Commerce (selfishly) supports it because, they believe, it'll generate more money for local business. But the new Target, however convenient, will be wiping a big portion of that net out.

The disgraced former head of SPPCC, Anthony Santich, thinks he can curry favor with Bob Bisno for campaign contributions down the road, so he's obviously onboard, despite the public outcries. The City may need Ponte Vista for additional sources of revenue to improve the city, unfortunately understandable.

I think MW Richards is on to something with an alternate road proposal through the project to at least mitigate traffic problems, should worst comes to worst.

I am not for more 'affordable housing' in San Pedro nor are most current property owners. WE DON'T NEED IT. That is a line that might aid 'others out there', not 'us right here,' the current residents of San Pedro.

We've already got the new downtown projects bringing values down, enough!

Palos Verdes Estates doesn't force 'affordable housing' on its residents, and look how well they are all doing.

Bob Bisno has every right to pursue his endeavors; he is a businessman. I just wish him luck in perhaps persuing in another city that really needs it and wants it.

Wouldn't the city of Long Beach be receptive to his plans? They have a re-developement going on that could serve both parties well.

Please, leave San Pedro to loftier aspirations for its residents.