Friday, July 11, 2008

Odds and Ends 73

This first item is from Mayor Sam's Sister City Blog at:

Antonio's Faustian Transit Deal

So what kind of faustian deal is Mayor Villaraigosa doing to get LA County residents to pass a new sales tax for transportation boondoggles?

Well the Feds are requiring that LA County implement toll roads in order to get transit funding. The original plan was to place those toll roads on the 210 freeway through cities in the San Gabriel Valley.

Antonio wants pols in San Gabriel Valley to support the sales tax scam. Electeds in the Foothills don't want the toll roads so Villar is pushing to have the toll roads moved to the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles to placate folks in Azusa, Monorovia, Pasadena, etc.

So not only will you be taxed more for transit you won't use, you'll have to pay to use the freeways you do.

For those of you who do not know the name of the "110" Freeway, from San Pedro to the Four Level Interchange, it is the Harbor Freeway. From the Four Level to the north end, it is the Pasadena Freeway, the first "Parkway" or "Freeway" on this planet.

A Bisno support had her letter to the editor published earlier this week in The Daily Breeze.

The author used words that were long, but understood by most of the readers, I hope.

Mr. Irv Davis, from Harbor City, wrote a letter to the very same editor challenging the other author's facts and then he used "chimerical", a word I hadn't seen or heard before, so I looked it up.

Here is what Merriam-Webster Online has for that word:


Main Entry: chi·me·ri·cal
Pronunciation: \kī-ˈmer-i-kəl, kə-, -ˈmir-\
Variant(s): also chi·me·ric \-ik\
Function: adjective
Etymology: chimera
Date: 1638
1 : existing only as the product of unchecked imagination : fantastically visionary or improbable 2 : given to fantastic schemes
synonyms see imaginary
— chi·me·ri·cal·ly \-i-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Thanks Mr. Davis, for increasing my vocabulary.
Yes, I am chimerical and darn proud of it.

I still dream of a new public road from Western to Gaffey, then to ramps for the 110 Freeway.

My dream for what I could live with at Ponte Vista is still valid for me.

I dream that more supporters of Bob's will see the real truths and decide to no longer be followers of the out-of-town developer who doesn't really know what is best for OUR community.

If you are reading this post before the close of business on Friday July 11, you still have time to submit written comments to the hearing officer.

If you read this post after the close of business, thank you for sending in your comments opposing Bob's plans for Ponte Vista at San Pedro, or you have run out of time.

For those of use who need a break from Ponte Vista matters but still want to ponder other issues, I will be updating two other blogs this weekend with information NOT about Ponte Vista!

At you can find a number of things to ponder about.

At I think I am going to return posts regarding South Region High School Number 15 to that blog, as well as keeping information about the school on my pondering blog.

There are now neighborhoods withing two Neighborhood Councils that have acted on motions opposing placing a new high school campus on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur, so the issues seems to have become more relevant to a greater number of members of OUR community.

I am also going to create a post concerning the redevelopment of the Cabrillo Beach area and have some good news about things that are happening at that historic site.

Please don't fret though, if you need your Ponte Vista news, I'll keep looking, writing, and opposing Bob's plans for that part of OUR community.

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