Saturday, January 12, 2008

Comments in More San Pedro

This post is here for any feedback on Rachel Jones' piece in today's More San Pedro.

Specifically, this post is for dealing with comments in and about the Ponte Vista portion of the article.

The only thing that I continue to be unable to get across to folks is that I am not opposed to "development" at Ponte Vista. Just about every member of the Rudderless Steering Committee of R Neighborhoods Are 1, including me, understands extremely well that SOMETHING is going to be built at the 61.53 acre site. I just happen to think at this time, that as long as Bob is still sticking to 1,950-units, there must be a very strong stand for R1 NO COMPROMISE!

In the comments I wrote to Ms. Jones, I included "my dream" for what I feel could be built at Ponte Vista and I have written about those numbers and types of units in other posts.

It is quite understandable that Elise Swanson commented the way she did for the article. She gets paid for stating her opinion. She didn't say Bob was still glued to 1,950, but what she said probably follows the company line right now.

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