Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Good Friend Retires

This is from the latest posting of life on the edge:

Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's pronounced "Fronkensteen."

Hi. Remember me?

We started this blog back in ye olden days with the purpose of spotlighting the odd, strange and marvelous things that you see every day in and around San Pedro. After a while it sort of morphed into something else completely, a kind of neighborhood watch/politico thing that was far removed from the original purpose of the joint.

Nothing wrong with that, but the people who originally posted here drifted off and new voices stepped in taking it even further afield, so we decided to turn out the lights and send everyone home.

The old posts will remain, because there's a lot of cool stuff here, but we'll have to ask those of you who enjoy what the blog became to branch off and start something new. We'll leave LIFE ON THE EDGE here in its web2.0 time capsule and remember it fondly.

Peace and love, San Pedro. Peace and love.

Posted by MJP

The only two "contributors" listed now are Carol Es and MJP. Gone are Calamari and Banditos Yanquis.

I wish LOTE a wonderful retirement and I wish to thank everyone involved in creating a blog where many issues were discussed and comments came from just about everywhere.

I hope to find Calamari and Banditos Yanquis somewhere in the blog sphere, and I will let folks know where we can read their great posts.

Life on the edge was a great blog, I feel. I will check back from time to time and see if the blog is only semi-retired.

The only thing that is constant, is change.

Farewell, enjoy retirement!


km said...

I'm really diappointed that LOTE is gone because it was too topical, apparently. Really disappointed.

Anonymous said...

The only two "contributors" are the folks that created LOTE in the first place. If they want to end off, that's their right I suppose. Anyone of earth can start their own blog, which is hardly a disappointment.

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 11:35 PM.

When I wrote the post, I wasn't mad at all. lote was wonderful and I hope the original contributors only the best and many thanks for providing the blog in the first place.

There have been some folks who have Emailed me who were upset, curious, or in disbelief.

But you are so correct that anyone can start their own blog, for free, and perhaps someone or someones will start a blog to fill the void that is now left due to the retirement of lote.

If anyone out there finds a blog that deals with matters similar to what lote did, both in the recent past and long past, please give us news on where we can go to find it.

Anonymous said...

it may indeed be the founder's right to shut the blog down, but for the past year and a half to two years, calamari and banditos yanquis wrote most of the posts on the blog. you have a funny definition of "contributors".

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 3:09 PM

Perhaps I do have a funny definition of "contributors".

I have to agree with folks who feel both Calamari and Banditos Yanquis provide all of us with not only great posts, but they also were mentors for me.

It is also very true that we hadn't seen much from MJP and Carol Es for quite some time.

Calamari and Banditos Yanquis probably kept lote going and growing just by their own contributions.

But alas, they apparently didn't deliver lote to the Internet so the originators decided to remove Calamari and Banditos Yanquis as "contributors" and put the blog into retirement.

The originators also removed the link to this blog, too.

I hope either Calamari and/or Banditos Yanquis start a blog of their own, or contribute to whoever can have a blog that contained posts that interested us the way they interested us in lote.

I guess we'll have to wait and see or hit the "next blog" on the top of so many blog in hopes of finding a blog to become "regulars" at, I think.

Thank you to everyone who continues to view this blog and if I can find a blog that deals with issues like lote did, for the last year and a half, I'll certainly put a link to that on this blog, and probably write an entire post about it.

Of course anonymous 3:09 PM, you can start a blog, too. I'd visit it.

Anonymous said...


i was referring to the anonymous posters when i said "you have a funny definition of contributors."

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 11:27, but many folks feel I have funny definitions for lots of things, including "contributors".

Has any of Bob's supporters given one dime to support Bob's calls for his weapon of mass development?

We think not, but I like to keep the humor going.

km said...

They also removed all the links to NC's and R neighborhoods. I guess the peace and love and the "good things" on the board did not include anything attached to the political scene here in town. And anonymous 11:35, I have every right to be disappointed that two of the contributors to LOTE, the two while they may have set up the blog have been noticably absent, decided that the contributions of the other two were off mission, so they summarily ended the discussion.

mjp said...

Actually there are no listed contributors now, and it's been that way since the day it was shut down. The other contributors were removed so no new posts could be made, then a couple of hours later I removed the contributor's section altogether.

Every link in the development and neighborhood council sections was removed, so the link to this blog must have been in one of those sections. The link to this blog was not singled out for removal, I just want to make that clear.

The links were removed for reasons stated in the last post. I didn't want to start, or be part of, a neighborhood or city politics blog. The blog was supposed to be about what was unique and interesting in San Pedro, and everyone's definition of interesting is different.

None of the work of any of the contributors was removed, everything - all the posts and comments - are still there, and they will stay there.

No ill will was involved in the closure.

M Richards said...

Thank you so very much MJP, for having your blog available and to allow me to learn from it.

I wish you and Carol Es all the best for 2008.

I guess I am not as upset as others seem to be at the retirement of lote.

Those of us who wish to discuss issues, politics, and stuff your blog wasn't originally meant to cover, will have to look for another blog or find someone who will start a blog of their own.

If you wish to create a post for this blog or one of my other blogs, please feel free to write to me.

I would also welcome linking any new site you may create on my blogs because you created a wonderful blog and news and information you wish to get out could get out on my blogs, not that that many people visit this blog.

I hope Banditos Yanquis, Calamari, IMBG, km, mellonhead, or somebody else will consider starting a blog and/or let us all know where blogs can be found dealing with San Pedro and the peninsula.

So please enjoy your retirement and be well!

I am still going to talk up the arts in OUR community, I am old stage crew member from SPHS and my brother-in-law is Phil Buono, another stage crew junkie from way back when.

I would also like to thank all the folks who wrote comments on lote. They provided news, humor, and lots of things to think about.

km said...

While I don't agree with your reasoning, you are free to make your own choices for your own reasons. I must say though that, like it or not, this is a very politically active town and I don't think that the weird and wonderful that is San Pedro can be divorced from that. As a representative from Cal Trans put it once "San Pedro is an unusually interested community." The art world is a big part of that. But again, you have the right to your opinion and lord knows I am pretty open about mine in a variety of venues. I'm just sorry to see an active forum go.