Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Trying to Fit Ponte Vista into Ms. Goldberg's Views

O.K., you did great reading all of Ms. Goldberg's comments.

Your assignment now, is to see if the current plans of Bob Bisno fits into what Ms. Goldberg is looking for when she talks about developments that are situated, designed, and constructed with her views in mind.

First, is Ponte Vista going to allow for residents to travel short distances to their work site?

Will Ponte Vista be built near large shopping areas that allow for access to a wide range of shopping and dining venues?

Is Ponte Vista on a main transportation corridor in the greater L.A. area?

If Ms. Goldberg states that "typical" daily trip generation is 10 trips per day, per household, how does that jive with the calculations provided in the Traffic and Transportation of the first Environmental Impact Report? Please remember that Ms. Goldberg did not consider different types of housing. It seems she suggested that no matter where you live or what type of dwelling you reside at, the average resident of Los Angeles makes 10 vehicle trips per day, according to Ms. Goldberg.

Could there be more benefit placing any Senior Housing on the southern side of Ponte Vista so seniors would be able to make that one trip per day fewer, that Ms. Goldberg suggests folks living in areas where venues are easily accessable might be able to lower their vehicle trips?

For future residents of Ponte Vista, will bus routes take residents where they want to go?

Offering transportation from a development to places residents wish to go is one thing. Actually providing that type of transportation on a long-term basis is another matter. How might Bob and the future HOA or management company insure that the transportation offered prior to construction of Ponte Vista will actually be around years after the final phase is completed?

With Ms. Goldberg's notion that puting shopping services and other venues close to where people live, why is the commercial component of the Ponte Vista proposed development being considered for construction as part of the final phase of development? How does that jive with Ms. Goldberg's views?

It seems that the Ponte Vista at San Pedro development would be better placed if it was near major transportation corridors, or close to businesses that would employ residents of the development. Perhaps it would be better to have the development built very near the Green Line, Blue Line, or Gold Line.

Having the largest, by far, development in the San Pedro area built away from downtown San Pedro, with only one access in or out on a major road seems to violate just about every point Ms. Goldberg made in her talks. Ponte Vista, as proposed by Bob Bisno, would be a huge project, with one access route, without walking distance to light rail lines or major transportation hubs, and would be placed near some shopping, but not near any major malls or very large shopping centers.

It seems by reading Ms. Goldberg's comments, the Ponte Vista project as proposed by Bob Bisno, would be a major player in the "dense sprawl" commented on.

Can we afford to continue creating more dense sprawl? When will the density in the suburbs create too much havoc, having residents attempt to get to or come from their places of employment that is miles away from their homes?

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