Friday, January 18, 2008

A Request to Visit Another Blog

I am trying to keep R Neighborhoods Are 1 with its own blog as it does not always deal with Ponte Vista specifically.

I would like you to please visit: and read about the latest weapon of mass development, albeit on a much smaller scale, that is being attempted in San Pedro.

Now that McCowan's Market is gone, the owner/developer of the market want to build up to 15-800 square foot units on the site of the old market's building.

Already the developer has had plans approved to build R1 housing on the site of the old parking lots. Since all the processes necessary to build housing takes some time, folks are speculating that the developer has known for quite some time that he was going to sell the market. Perhaps he bought the marked and made motions to show improvement, while all the time he was planning to redevelop the property.

In a letter to the editor, Nick and Barbara Dragich share their views about what they feel the developer wants to do.

This appears to be another developer, coming into OUR community and attempting to reap profits at the expense of current residents.

I am including a plug for the R Neighborhoods Are 1 Web site at:

It is expected that the Web site and the blog will carry more information about the developer and the development in the future.

Someone commented that the right to own property is so very important. The person seemed to suggest that property owners should have the right to do whatever they wish with the property they own.

If that were the case, OUR community would not exist as we have known it and continue to love it.

No, property owners do not have the right to devalue the worth of other properties. Property owners do not have the right to lower the quality of life for other property owners.

And no, developers should not be able to forever change, for the worse, the area in which they own property.

Some folks will always contend that property owners should have all the rights to do with what they wish. We must all live with codes, laws, and communities that create a better life for all of us, current residents and future residents.

I think the great neighbors who live near the old McCowan's Market would like to give a little smile to Bob Bisno. Without him, there would have been no need for R Neighborhoods Are 1, so there would be no group as strong as they are, to help fight against this new weapon of mass development.

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Jim said...

This is a good time for the R-1 surporters to come out and help the neighbors near McCowan's fight another greedy developer trying to build yet another oversize project that benifits nobody...........except the developer. Enough already!!! I live on the other side of town, but oversize projects hurt everyone in the entire comunity.

If it's 1950 condos on land with only room for less than 500, or 16 condos where two or three houses should be makes no difference. Over development is over development. This town has had enough and will not put up with anymore greedy developers trying to cram oversize projects down our throats