Thursday, January 03, 2008

Water Verses Development

On page A7 of Thursday January 3rd Daily Breeze, is an article which describes one L.A. City Councilman's proposal to restrict new residential development due to the dwindling potable water supplies for residents in the City of Los Angeles.

Here is the URL for the article:

Councilman Dennis Zine wants to "block new development until regulations can be adopted to limit water use in new projects", according to the article written by Kerry Cavanaugh.

It seems that Mayor Villaraigosa's calls for voluntary water savings have been ignored.

In the January, 2008 Newsletter from the Madronna Homeowners Association, we found this paragraph interesting:

Development vs. conservation

We need politicians smart enough or caring enough to know what is happening? Will the lights go off and the water stop flowing forever before they figure out their endless development approvals are the problem? The resent conservation article in the Daily Breeze tells us we need to save water, take shorter showers, etc. We do not oppose that. The endless developments bring in more people to share the limited water and electricity resources, and over burden the delivery system. It doesn't take a genius to see road trip times have doubled, countless cars sit at the stop lights and then we hear from big-time politicians that we need to conserve. We will be buried alive unless we have some brave politicians who will say, "Enough, no more. We need REAL answers from our politicians as to what impact development will have on our infrastructure.
1. Sewers: 2. Water: 3. Electricity: 4. Schools: 5. Traffic: 6. Storm drains: 7. Fire: 8. Paramedics: 9. Police.

It seems there are more areas other than Los Angeles, that are thinking about conservation and the importance of having enough drinking water for the residents already living in the area.


Drinking water, or lack thereof, may be a pivotal issue with new developments. Los Angeles is part of the Mojave Desert, and we can't get far away from that fact.

Bob Bisno has suggested ways to provide conservation, but should we gamble on our water supply for his development? I didn't see any use of gray water being used on the open spaces, in the DEIR for Ponte Vista.

Perhaps the L.A. Planning Department is looking into the size of Ponte Vista and how whatever can be achieved will work with our dwindling water supplies.

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Anonymous said...

I'll start seriously conserving water when the city restricts developers water useage for their projects. New developments put enormous demands for water not limited to "drinking".