Friday, January 11, 2008

Odds and Ends 47

I hope you didn't have to maneuver around the flood yesterday, on Gaffey Street. The Daily Breeze article in today's edition stated that work repairing the broken 20 inch water pipe would be done by today. I think I won't venture out to find out if traffic is back to being abnormal.

Now let's all imagine that same flood happening on Western Avenue at about the same time of day. Then let's continue our imagining and create a scene where the pipe breaks at 2:00 PM on a Tuesday in March, after 1,950 condos are built at Ponte Vista.

Are you creating every one's nightmare? Oh yea, there are still four storm drains under Western Avenue that haven't been rebuilt yet.

Marshall's has a "Coming Soon" banner hanging at the front of its future location. I don't know how some folks define "soon". We took a stroll to the front entrance and peaked in to see if "soon" meant in the next couple of weeks. It didn't.

Terri thinks the store may open in March, but I have no idea when it will open.

The false ceiling hasn't been placed in yet, the floor is still bare concrete with a giant puddle of water in the middle of the space, there is only a small fraction wall space that has any type of covering on it, and the only clothes on display are being worn by the few workers we saw inside the space yesterday.

There is a letter to the editor in today's Daily Breeze concerning the light rail lines in the area.

The letter referred to the options planners had for the Green line and the Blue line and what the planners finally did to provide mass transit on those two lines.

Left out of the letter, the plans, and the eventual lines was any consideration about providing real mass transit in and out of OUR community.

Remember imagining that flood on Western Avenue? Please remember in your imagining that there is still no real mass transit in or out of OUR community, no matter what Bob builds at Ponte Vista.

Someone commented on another post that we should be worried that if Bob sells his property, some other person or group would come in and they could be worse that Bob Bisno.

To that I write, R Neighborhoods Are 1 hasn't gone anywhere. There are still opponents of high density developments in OUR community. Folks who oppose high density developments really don't care who owns what, I feel.

It really doesn't matter who owns the 61.53 acres of land in northwest San Pedro, I think.

I want to thank Stan, a concerned individual who has written comments on another post and has a good deal of wisdom and information about SunCal, the development company that had their sites on a very high density development near the Del Amo Fashion Center mall, in Torrance.

Stan also commented about SunCal's attempts to over develop sites in other areas, particularly in Anaheim.

Is SunCal better or worse than Bob? I can't say yes or no, because I don't really know.

What I do feel is that in many cases, the only folks who trust developers are other developers.

But I need to point out one exception in OUR community. The good folks developing the old Kinder-Morgan tank farm into the Highland Park development on north Gaffey Street, have worked together with homeowner groups and the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council while going through all the steps necessary to bring new housing into OUR community.

We also should not forget Target and its developers. They too, worked with those same groups on their plans for bringing the new store into OUR community.

And writing about Target, I hope you all know that the newly rebuilt Target store on Sepulveda at the Harbor Freeway is now open.

It is a two-level store with parking underneath the store.

If you park in the Sepulveda side of the store and go in the closest doors, it will look like you are entering from the side of the store and not the front.

The first thing Terri and I noticed when we walked in is that it looked like the other side/end of the store was in a different county. It looked humongous on the inside.

The store is laid out pretty much like other Targets are, so once you get your initial bearing, you can probably go to whichever part of the store you want to, without any trouble.

There weren't that many people shopping in the store when we strolled through it and that may have also added to our view of its cavernous size.

If the Target in San Pedro looks like the one on Sepulveda, I think we will all be pleased.

Well maybe not all of us though. I will wonder until the store is opened if the folks supporting Eastview Little League will picket it or boycott it.

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