Sunday, January 20, 2008

Prices Per Square Foot Compared

At the advertised price for each of the three 2,212 square foot home is $899,000. The homes are all on R1 lots.

The per square foot price for each home would be about $406.42.

The smallest unit that Bob is considering building is about 600 square feet. The last time I heard any pricing numbers from him was that he was lowering his price for these types of units to $300,000. According to my calculator and if I put the correct numbers in, that would be about $500 per square foot, which is about $93.58 more than the homes on 20TH Street would go for.

Oh yea, don't forget to also add the dues and fees for living in a planned community at Ponte Vista.

If a limited liability corporation (LLC) can build and sell three individual single-family homes in the neighborhood of $900,000, why has Bob, and his limited liability corporation always contended that the prices for single-family units at Ponte Vista would have to be at least 1.5 Million Dollars?

I am still under the impression, I guess, that folks who buy in bulk get price breaks and folks who buy individually, don't.

I am still thinking that the guy who buys 429 kitchen sinks get a better per sink price than the guy who just buys three. Am I missing something?

Perhaps if I am missing that Bob paid so much for the land at Ponte Vista, I not. It was his choice to bid as high as he did and if he gets burned, the fault must fall on him.

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