Monday, November 10, 2008

City Place Santa Ana Auction Update, (Such As It Is)

City Place Santa Ana is currently Bob's largest attempt at developing residential units. The Development has combined business/residential units as well as strictly residential units for sale.

On November 9, a private Auction Company held an auction for 140 selected units.

City Place personnel are not giving out the number of units that actually were purchased yesterday.

I was told however, that a number of units at that Development will be offered with "special" pricing, according to the person I spoke to, after 2:00 PM on Tuesday November 11.

Below is the list of units and their original pricing and their reserve pricing.

The Auction was not a forced one and had nothing to do with foreclosures by financial institutions.

The Homeowners Association dues were estimated to be between $160 to $220 per month.

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