Friday, November 21, 2008

The Response From the Ponte Vista Outreach Team

The following post is from the blog published by the Outreach Team for Ponte Vista at San Pedro and I will offer no opinions about this post.

Ponte Vista Specific Plan Denied — Our Response
November 21, 2008

We are deeply disappointed to inform you that the City of Los Angeles Planning Department has issued a staff recommendation that denies the proposed Ponte Vista Specific Plan.

The staff report did not recommend a single family home development; however, it also did not recommend a unit count high enough to achieve many of the community benefits planned for Ponte Vista. The staff report recommends a unit count in the range of up to 1,200 units with a state approved density bonus.

The Planning Department has had the proposed Ponte Vista specific plan for over two years and has not commented or provided staff input on the plan.

We find it sad that the department put the community through two years of discussion without mentioning the concerns listed in the recommendation. Ponte Vista paid for a full time city planner to work on the details of specific plan with the development team and the community and that obviously did not happen.

We look forward to bringing our project to the City Planning Commission on Thursday, December 11. We will be in front of appointed leaders who put good land use ahead of politics as we pursue our vision of a truly mixed income neighborhood that will provide the maximum benefit to the community.

Please contact me if you have any questions at (310) 241 – 0699.

I want to personally thank you for your continued support.

Elise Swanson

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