Saturday, November 15, 2008

Update On Canceled Meeting and More

It has been reported that the Staff Report that was to be issued prior to the Harbor Area Planning Commission was not ready to be presented even as late as this past Friday.

It has been about eight months since the Staff Report was called for and it I don't really know what it was not ready in time.

I have been told that the issue may come up at the December 2, Harbor Area Planning Commission meetings because the planners are looking for a large site to hold that meeting.

It is not certain whether the Harbor Area Planning Commission will meet on December 2, but it would be the last time they could meet on the issue prior to the City Planning Commission meeting still scheduled for December 11, 2008.

There are several opinions floating around as to the reason the Staff Report was not ready. I have heard and read that it may become available on November 21, but I no longer hold my breath for anything regarding Ponte Vista.

A site supporting Ponte Vista seems critical of the delay and has offered the Email addresses for Councilwoman Janice Hahn and City Planning Department Head, Ms. Gail Goldberg for supporters to state their opinions about the delay or 'inconvience'.

After all this time and including the delay, it is hoped that the Staff Report 'gets it right' and is a strong enough document to hold up to criticism from supporters of Ponte Vista or opponents, depending on what it reports.

The fire on the Palos Verdes peninsula was caused by a bird landing on energized wires and being electrocuted. The bird's body fell into brush and the fire was started very close to the Rancho Palos Verdes City Hall and the Salvation Army Campus.

No structures were damaged and about 150 firefighters assisted by aircraft put out the fire.

I have learned that the "I" who writes posts on sites supportive of Bob's plans for Ponte Vista is actually the collected thoughts and posts by the members of the Outreach Team for Ponte Vista. No single person is taking credit for writing the posts.

If you are of a mind to be critical of the Planning Department and vent frustration to Ms. Hahn and Ms. Goldberg, here are their Email addresses:


Anonymous said...

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M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 5:55 PM,

Hey everybody, click on the "bisno, bisno, bisno" on the comment above and read through the article.

You will find a familiar name.

I worked at both Beverly Park South and Beverly Park North beginning in about 1985 or so and up until about 2006.

Beverly Park South was the first set of mansions built up above Summitridge Drive. There are either 17 or 18 houses on that part.

Beverly Park North came some time after B.P.S. was already finished.

I don't remember ever working at you-know-who's houses (he had one up there and moved into a second one, later) but I have worked at quite a few of the mansions high up the hill and ravine.

If you are ever above Beverly Hills and go up San Yasidro Drive until it ends at Summitridge, park on the east side of Summitridge and walk along the little green area and you can look down onto the lower part of Beverly Park North and then look up the hill to the left and see just about the whole North area.