Tuesday, November 25, 2008

False Alarm? Think About It

Police and firefighters were called out to the 129-unit Casa Verde Estates complex which shares part of the fence line with Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

It was suspected that a meth lab had been found and the complex was evacuated and that evacuation lasted for several hours.

No meth lab was found.

Now suppose that same evacuation is done sometime in the future when 1,196-units occupy the Ponte Vista site.

Even if it does turn out like the real evacuation of the 129-unit complex did, what do you think would be the consequences of evacuating a complex that is 9.27 times larger than Casa Verde. (1,196-units)

Now consider Bob's plan for 1,950 units and that factor of 15.11 times the size of Casa Verde.

If it could happen at least once at Casa Verde, the probability would be greater that it could happen at a complex that is 15 times bigger.

Now consider a real meth lab at the 61.53 acre site in northwest San Pedro. Then consider that lab blowing up, like so many of them do.


M Richards said...

Jeromy Rogan has a funny take on the issue at his blog:


spsenior said...


All of us in the San Pedro area are following the progress of Ponte Vista. It is a large development with the potential to benefit our community and to provide us with a new kind of neighborhood. While I understand some of the concerns that Pedro residents have, I am completely shocked at the amount of time, effort, and energy some members in our community have put into one-sidedly bashing this project. I wish I had as much free time as you, Mark so that I could encourage people to give back to our community – especially during the holidays. We all know the non-profit organizations in our area are feeling the stress of the difficult economy, so why wouldn’t someone with endless amounts of time do something to promote community service? Rather than posing dozens of questions regarding Ponte Vista’s project, you should consider educating people about ways to help those in the Harbor Area that could really use some of our time and effort.

M Richards said...

Thanks again spsenior.

Your comment looks like one I have read for another post, but that is quite allright.

I think you and I have a fundamental disagreement about Bob's plans for Ponte Vista.

You are more than welcome to believe that his plans 'benefit' the community, in your opinion.

I happen to believe that Bob's current and former plans for the site would not benefit the community at all. It would actually put a dramatic strain on members of and infrastucture for the community.

Just a bit ago I finally Emailed a senior member of the Outreach Team with 'my plan' for what I feel could become successful at Ponte Vista.

It goes against the grain of many in the community and the Planning Department because it calls for some senior housing at the site.

'My' total number of units is below the highest number in the Planning Department's guidelines, but it still includes all three types of units Bob wanted.

I hope you already know that I do other types of volunteer work in several communities and continue to support many causes that I find important to my wife and myself.

The continuance requested by the applicant also means that many of us will have more opportunity to work within OUR community during the holidays rather than having to deal so much with the issues surrounding Ponte Vista.

But that doesn't mean we are going to be off the hook and even you can help contribute to the causes.

I hope anyone and everyone who wants something built at Ponte Vista will offer your own personal views to the Ponte Vista Outreach Team. Please DO NOT simply follow Bob and his plans, they have failed too many times already.

As a community member, you have the right and some responsibility to help ensure the future for all of us and by your volunteering to suggest what you think should be built at the site, you are helpin all of us learn what members of OUR community truly want, without having to go through Bob's Advisory Boards, Focus Groups, or R Neighborhoods Are 1.

So, spsenior, what do you really want to see built at Ponte Vista and why? What are the types and number of units would you like to see built there?

How would plans you come up with deal with the recommendations and guidelines put out by the Planning Department, allow for the best development possible.

It is true that there have been many members of OUR community bashing Bob's plans.

I really wish there had been more of his supporters who had the courage to come forward and spell out directly to our community when and where they disagreed with Bob's plans.

Sadly, there are still too many supporters who will not realize that Bob's plans were flawed from day one and that only through compromise will anything get built on the site that is reasonable, responsible, realistic, and respectful towards OUR community.

There really has been no communications generated by dissillusioned supporters of Bob's plans and that is not correct, I feel.

Now, Nobody has to believe me when I state that Bob's plans were wrong for OUR community. The proof is now published for all to read and comments from folks more involved with everything have repeated what I have posted.

That being written, now it is time for all of us to volunteer in OUR community to create a development that is the best for OUR community.