Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ponte Vista's Outreach Team's Response to the Latest News

The folks representing the Ponte Vista Outreach Team have sent out information about the disapproval of the Vesting Tentative Tract.

They stated things like there was no need to panic, that the issuance of the notice was more technical in nature and seemed to respond that it was done for timeliness reasons.

Basically what the Outreach Team stated was factual in that the findings do not necessarily mean much as far as continuing efforts go to find approval for the application.

After speaking with a number of folks this evening, I feel that even though things may technically be true, it doesn't bode well for supporters of Ponte Vista at San Pedro, in theory.

It can be viewed as a negative conclusion for efforts to find approval for the applicant's application.

It is also only part of the many 'hoops' the applicant must go through in seeking approval.

I find it also a wonder that whoever publishes information on the site that states the response has not included my comments to another post on that site. What are they continuing to hide?

Anyway, everyone is welcome to take the information and do with it as they wish. I still consider the disapproval of the Vesting Tentative Tract No. 63399 as an overall negative event in the continuing efforts to secure approval for a project that has been found by an Advisory Agency as having too high of a density for the specific site.

You are all welcome to find the information and the response by the Outreach Team. I don't think I need to advertise where it can be found on this site.

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