Monday, November 10, 2008

"Let's Set Something Straight" According to the Outreach Team

A Web site from the Outreach Team with an author only identified as "I" continues to try and put a favorable spin on the Project, which is what the site was set up to do.

I have commented on that Web site, but have never seen my comment in print even though it supported what "I" was attempting to state.

Ponte Vista supporters deserve to learn the facts as illustrated in documents supported by reliable sources and not just by the folks at Ponte Vista or any opponent.

The following paragraph is taken from a site supporting Bob’s current plans at Ponte Vista at San Pedro. The post is dated November 10, 2008.

"Let’s set something straight. Ponte Vista has invested in a population study to determine the average number of residents per unit in the development. These numbers weren’t pulled out of the sky. In examining similar residential communities in San Pedro, Harbor City, and Wilmington to arrive at our population of approximately 3,500 residents, our consultant studied the number of residents in actual condominiums and townhomes in the area in addition to examining current census data."

Now here is some more information from the Initial Study for Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

Ponte Vista Initial Study-July, 2005
Section 12. Population and Housing

Discussion: a) Potentially Significant Impact.

“The proposed project would induce direct population growth by adding 2,300 multi-family units and approximately 7,343 new permanent residents to the project site” (note 15)
Note 15. “Based on a ratio of 3.59 persons per dwelling unit for the non restricted multiple-family units (Source: Wilmington-Harbor City Community Plan, SCAG community projection for 2010), and an average of 2 persons per dwelling-unit for the senior-restricted units.”

Here is another piece of information that may help.

There is no apparent documentation to reveal the actual number of bedrooms or sleeping spaces (in studios) that has been given by the Developer.

If we don't really know the number of bedrooms or beds at the Project, how can we accurately presume the real potential number of residents that may live at Ponte Vista?

Bob did opine directly to me the possible number of bedrooms per type of units during a January 18, 2007 meeting. I have listed that opinion much earlier on this blog and you are free to read Mr. Bisno's opinion of how many bedrooms he thought could be built in a 2,300-unit project.

If the Outreach Team really wishes to "Let's get something straight" then I hope they finally provide to the public the number of bedrooms now being considered for Ponte Vista and not keep the guessing game going.

Also, it would be useful if they would not continue to change the numbers of what they are considering as the potential population of Ponte Vista.

If you read the output of the Initial Study, it illustrates a number of 7,343 residents in a 2,300-unit project.

However, in the DEIR, the number of potential residents is listed as 4,313. Both numbers have notations for sources to back both of them up.

A question that remains unanswered by the Outreach Team is where are the 3,030 potential residents that were thought to be moving into Ponte Vista in July 2005, compared to the number of potential residents illustrated in the DEIR.

I could, at any time, go into my source documentation and demonstrate that whatever number of potential residents at Ponte Vista, it would be different than any number provided by the Outreach Team, the Initial Study, the DEIR, and the FEIR.

The basic concept is that nobody really knows how many people might live at Ponte Vista. As long as the Developer and the Outreach Team keep information about the planned number of bedrooms and sleeping spaces at the site, we can't really know how many people might live there.

Did the 'consultant' study the number of people and families living in leased or rented condos or town houses? How about apartments and SFR's?

In this current economic situation, it is reasonable to believe that more than one family needs to find shelter in one condo, town house, apartment, or SFR is areas that are economically deprived.

The Outreach Team has never provided an estimate, to my knowledge, as to the number of units purchased at Ponte Vista that will probably be turned into leased or rented units that will attract more people and have more transitions as apartments usually do.

It is reasonable, realistic, responsible, and respectful to conclude that there may be very few people who may actually know the real probable number of residents at Ponte Vista.

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