Tuesday, November 04, 2008

HUGE Development Concerning Ponte Vista at San Pedro!

In a MAJOR development, the Vesting Tentative Tract No. 63399 submitted by the developer of Ponte Vista at San Pedro has been disapproved of by the Advisory Agency tasked with dealing with the item.

The development's applicant need to receive approval from the Los Angeles City Council of both the Vesting Tract Map and the changes of zoning to 'Specific Plan' zoning in order to build out Ponte Vista as the applicant has applied to do.

The disapproval of the Vesting Tentative Tract No. 63399 does NOT necessarily mean the project is being denied, at this time.

The applicant has the right to appeal the decision of the Advisory Agency. The applicant may also go forward to seek approval by the Los Angeles City Council, but it would probably be a giant uphill battle at this point.

The applicant may also change the Vesting Tentative Tract to allow for lesser density, fewer units, and other mitigation that might allow for another Vesting Tentative Tract to be approved.

Here below, is the document advising all parties of the disapproval.

Click on each page to enlarge.

If I understand some of the document correctly, it appears that some of the 40% of "open space" Mr. Bisno is tauting for being part of the project, cannot be legally claimed to be 'open space' because it cannot be accessed or used as recreation or for some other purpose.
It may not be much land, but is could be several acres.
I wonder if the Advisory Agency would have come up with a different conclusion if Ponte Vista at San Pedro had been in the San Pedro Community Plan which is currently undergoing a revision?
I hope local journalists get truthful reaction from some folks within the Bisno organization and also from Bob directly.
How this latest new may or may not impact forthcoming meetings is not yet known. I will update this blog as I learn more.
For those of us in R Neighborhoods Are 1, I think this is a victory for our side. It appears that an objective opinion was reached based on ordinances, guidelines, and sections of the laws that demonstrate that Bob's vision for the site is simply too large.
The fight is certainly NOT over for all of us who need to continue to make sure a large residential development is NOT built on the 61.53 acres of land in northwest.
There should be no let up in seeking contributions to the R Neighborhoods Are 1 defense fund that will defend OUR community from over development. Please visit http://www.rneighborhoodsare1.org/ to learn how you can support the efforts being made by many volunteers and a couple of attorneys who must be paid for their services.
It is also worthwhile to keep up the pressure on bureaucrats and elected officials within the city of Los Angeles to make sure this over development and other over developments do not succeed in OUR community.
Let us all celebrate the end of a election cycle that was far too long. Let us also celebrate one more victory against an out-of-town developer who has claimed too many times that he feels he knows what is best for OUR community regardless of what members of OUR community really think.

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