Saturday, February 10, 2007

28000 Western Avenue and Fitness Drive

Ever since I learned of the newest monster under construction on Fitness Drive directly south of the Ponte Vista site, I have been wondering about it.

I still don't quite know what the name of that condominium development is and when units will actually go on sale, but I surfed many waves on the Internet and I have learned more about the project than I did when I first saw the cranes lifting materials.

There is a file storage Web site that I am using to store the actual .pdf documents that provided legal approval by the City of Los Angeles for this particular project. These documents are also informative, I feel, because they appear to look like documents, resolutions and ordinances Mr. Bisno is seeking to have approved by the city government. Although the two projects have many differences, I think the package of documents linked below may be somewhat similar to a package of documents that will be required for Ponte Vista.

These documents provided much information I did not know before and they gave me a clearer picture for what is being developed and what the density of Fitness drive will eventually be.

28000 Western Avenue is one of three condominium developments using Fitness Drive.

On the west side of the construction site and along Western Avenue is the 62-unit Tennis Club development. East of the construction site is the 129-unit Casa Verde Estates.

28000 Western Avenue was and is zoned Commercial Neighborhood with many "C" type zone classifications as opposed to "R" or residential type classifications such as the Ponte Vista site is classified. Originally planned to be zoned for a 164-unit assisted living facility, the developers sought for and received approval for a 136-unit condominium project consisting of one building.

The link I posted above provides a detailed description of the site and the allowed uses, as well as a map.

I used a measuring tool and a measurement calculation site to find that the three developments combined in within a land area of approximately 5.35335 acres, and with a combined unit total of 327 units, the units per acre is approximately 61 units per acre or quite a bit more than the up to 37 units per acre for the Ponte Vista site and more than three and one third times the density of The Gardens.

Many folks, including me asked how the monster got approval. The documents indicate that there was very little zoning change required for approval of the project. The density of that particular development also allows it to be within the guidelines similar to a zoning of R4. It seems there was not much folks were able to do to prevent the monster from eventual approval, even with the frustrating fiasco that is Fitness Drive.

Mr. Bisno may be required to allow for a public road access between Western Avenue and the condominiums on Fitness drive via the public road being mitigated for Ponte Vista. Driving down Fitness Drive, the only area between any buildings sufficiently wide enough to allow for an access route of this type is between the Tennis Club condominiums and 28000 Western Avenue, in my view. If this is the case, the 6 acre public park Mr. Bisno envisions would be bisected by the route afforded to the Fitness Drive complexes.

The 136 unit condominium project, according to my calculator would be equivalent to 5.9130434% of the total number of homes Mr. Bisno seeks to build at Ponte Vista or using another measuring devise, Mr. Bisno's plans call for a development approximately 16.9117647 times the number of units of 28000 Western Avenue.

I don't need to repeat my opinion concerning 2,300 homes at Ponte Vista.

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