Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Buttons

Here is the group of the newest buttons, some are available to you.

In a guest column in the More San Pedro magazine, Mr. Robert H. Bisno called many folks who oppose his plans to build 2,300 homes at Ponte Vista, "ranting elitists".

In my response to Mr. Bisno's column I wrote that I was a blue-collar employee and I didn't feel that myself and folks like me who work for a living and continue to fight to keep what we have earned and cherish weren't ranting elitists. I also wrote that I didn't appreciate the name calling that Mr. Bisno used.

In actuality now, I consider being called a "ranting elitist" is an honor I wear proudly and wish others would have the same feeling. We seem to be a group of people who work very hard in our jobs, support our family, our community, and our country. We have acquired the things we have mostly using our sweat, intelligence, determination, and the wish to provide for ourselves and our families the best possible life in our community.

Ranting elitists oppose the out-of-town developer's view that he knows what is best for our community and that, because he seems to have been a successful developer, we should bow down to his wishes and willingly accept whatever he is offering to us.

I have created a series of buttons to honor all ranting elitists in our community that want to demonstrate to Bob Bisno, his supporters, and his organization that members or our community will not stand to be dictated to and we do have the right and responsibility to protect what we have and what WE believe is in the best interest of OUR community.

The 5-star Ranting Elitist buttons have been made for a very selective group of folks who have already demonstrated their willingness to oppose Mr. Bisno's plans. I would like to see many more 5-star Ranting Elitists by this time, next year.

The 4-star Ranting Elitist is someone who has worked on opposing Mr. Bisno's plans in the past and is currently in a position to provide good counsel to R Neighborhoods Are 1. All current and future members of this new group automatically receive the 4-star ranking and the wearing of these buttons signify that you can talk with them about opposing Mr. Bisno's current plans.

The 2-star and 3-star Ranting Elitist buttons are ones you can send me an Email request for. These buttons are given out for free, after I get a chance to sit down and finally put them together. These buttons signify that you oppose Mr. Bisno's current plans, and are willing to wear them to support the opposition and R Neighborhoods Are 1 whether you are a member of the group or not. We do hope you will join us, though.

At this point, the 1-star Ranting Elitist has only been awarded to one individual. I haven't fully decided who I would like to see wear this button, and suggestions would be appreciated. The one individual who proudly wore the button is someone of great importance in our efforts to question and oppose Mr. Bisno's current plans.

I am the Major Ranting Elitist. So far, there are only two other individuals who I would give the Major Ranting Elitist to, but if they wore them, you would know who they are and I don't think they want or need their true identities revealed.
To be a Major Ranting Elitist, the first task is to have a blog. Then, using the blog you would need to write pieces opposing Mr. Bisno's plans. Whether you would be a member of
R Neighborhoods Are 1 or not, you would still get your Major's button.

At this point, the buttons are free of cost, including the black R-1 button.

I will be working on more styles of buttons and, perhaps some buttons may be created as a fund-raising effort for R Neighborhoods Are 1.

Email me, using the address at the top of this blog if you are interested in receiving and wearing your very own "Ranting Elitist" button.

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tom said...

It has not been a secret that I believe there will be something more than R-1 housing built at Ponte Vista. So I honestly couldn't wear one of the black R-1 buttons. ...However... the sheer arrogance of the statement accusing everyone who doesn't support 2300 units as being a ranting elitist sure got under my skin. I believe myself to rational and reasonable. On this blog, I'm a pariah for believing in anything more than 500 SFRs. Yet, according to Mr. Bisno, since I don't whole-heartedly swallow his 2300 units, I'm a "ranting elitist" also. Where do I sign up to get a button?

Tom Field