Saturday, February 24, 2007

Odds and Ends #1

I have decided to create a post each Sunday that mentions items that I find interesting and hope you find them interesting, too. I will try to reveal one new true fact each time I write this particular post.

Here are some developments about the development that I became aware of, lately.

A well known supporter of Mr. Bisno's plans to build 2,300 homes at Ponte Vista wrote a letter to the editor and in it she used the word, "compromise".

R Neighborhoods Are 1 has been formed and will be a major opposition organization to Mr. Bisno's plans.

New buttons have been revealed and the current black R-1 button is still available.

Mr. Bisno continues to have responses created to the comments mentioned by John Greenwood during a CAC meeting. Those responses to the comments will be responded to.

A candidates' forum for the seat being vacated by Mike Lansing was held and all four candidates spoke against a 2,025 seat high school being placed at Ponte Vista.

Draft EIR, Appendix volume II, appendix IV.H1, Population and Housing Study,
Table II-1, page 25;

Construction of the first phase of 500 homes is slated to begin in 2008.

The last phase of construction of 300 homes is slated for 2012 along with the retail component.

What does this mean. If Bob Bisno gets his way, the first 2,000 homes will have residents that must travel outside of Ponte Vista to buy a cup of coffee or pick up their dry cleaning. Kind of stupid, in my humble opinion.

The next meeting of the Community Advisory Group will be TUESDAY Feb. 27, at 6:00 PM at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. This will be a working meeting dealing with the Planning Department and under their guidance, such as it may be.

Contributions of items for "Odds and Ends" will be appreciated.

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