Saturday, February 24, 2007


I have learned this past weekend that probably too many folks are confused and feel that MONSTER they see under construction near the Ponte Vista is actually part of Ponte Vista.

I would like to help clear up some confusion some neighbors may still have.

That MONSTER is going to be the Sea Port Condominiums, at 28000 South Western Avenue and has nothing really to do with Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

That MONSTER was approved to have 136 residential condominium units and it was approved because the site was already zoned for commercial purposes, such as a condominium community.

That MONSTER has its parking above ground as opposed to Mr. Bisno's plans to have underground parking for his buildings.

That MONSTER is one building and I have written a post on this blog about it.

Now, to be fair, let me inform you about the number of units of that MONSTER as compared to what Mr. Bisno plans for Ponte Vista. That MONSTER is one building. Mr. Bisno plans to have TWENTY residential condominium buildings on his site.

That MONSTER is approved for 136 units. Seven of the twenty buildings Mr. Bisno plans to build would have MORE units in them than that MONSTER. Four of the buildings Mr. Bisno envisions have between 100 and 132 units per building. Nine of the remaining buildings may have between 67 and 98 units each.

To compare Ponte Vista to the three buildings on Fitness Drive, the building closest to Western Avenue has 62 units, and the Casa Verde Estates, just east of that MONSTER has 129 units in two buildings.

To be fairer, it should be noted the number of homes currently planned at Ponte Vista compared to the number of homes in that MONSTER is quite simple; Divide 2,300 units by 136 units and you will find that Ponte Vista may house 16.91 times the number of units as in that MONSTER.

The smallest units/building planned at Ponte Vista is 67, and the largest units/building is currently scheduled to be 187.

So when you gaze at that MONSTER, you can begin to compare what Mr. Bisno has planned for your community. Twenty buildings, with nine having more units than that MONSTER. There are almost Seventeen times the number of units currently planned for Ponte Vista than are being built at that MONSTER.

If you choose to use Mr. Bisno's calculations for population, then there could be 15.857 times the number of residents living at Ponte Vista than may live at that MONSTER. Opponents to Mr. Bisno would claim a much higher number for Ponte Vista, if he gets his way.

If that MONSTER looks big to you, get ready folks, you ain't seen nothin, yet!

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